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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Up here in the frozen north equally not good for Labour, lost 6 seats so far in the Parliamentary election and lost control f every labour run council reported so far, but the biggest losers may well be the small parties as the vote polarises on the big 4
  2. Bad enough for Mr Bliar to desert his consituents --- but then, the money he will allegedly make will make up for his heartache at doing it ... :wink:

    Unfortunately for we who dwell in the Smoke, will have to wait a while longer to give them a drubbing at the polls here.
  3. With the SNP having 47 seats in the Scottish Parliament to Labour's 46 [BBC News], and no other single party having enough to join them and have a 50%+1 majority, will we see a "Rainbow" Coalition between Labour, Lib Dems and the Tories to keep the SNP out?
  4. Could have been worse and not the serious drubbing that was predicted. Once Gordon takes over at the wheel our fortunes will turn for the better once again. :)

    As for the land of oatcakes and whisky any coalition will do for me just as long as it keeps that Salmond character from having his erroneous way.
  5. Good old Finky-----knew ther would be at least one who is waiting for the Broooon one to take over-(should be voted wether the people want this pillock there). Because it will soon be evident that he will just carry on where the other Pillock leaves off---hopefully---then all can boot him out!!!
  6. I have a feeling in my water that Goggsy will name the day for the commencement of our troops withdrawal from Iraq and that will do for me.
  7. Gordon and his ''strong pooooound'' is about to jump into the frying pan
    the shite Blair has left beggars belief. I don't think he'll survive long --the New Labour is getting decidedly shop soiled.

    And as for the land of the brave------yes finks I live in Scotland as well after the years of Westminster puppet MSP's and the usual crap that comes out of Holyrood the SNP have finally woken the people up to new ideas.
    I wish them well
  8. Not by much Finknottle, out of the 310 in England councils up for grabs, Nu Labour won only 34 of them (less than 11%) - Not a such a good result in anyones books. And I would not bank on Gordon turning fortunes around, he is not well liked at all.

    Edited to add In England
  9. I would be interested to know from those who want a change at Westminster just what changes they would expect from a new administration that would improve all our lives?
  10. Voter behaviour at local elections is different from national elections. The issues are different and the reasons for voting one way or another (or at all) are different. Look at the number of councils that are held by the Conservatives to see that. The only real indication of dissatisfaction with Labour came in their stronghold (and current homeland) in Scotland.
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Simple really:

    - Stop wasting money on metrics/targets/consultants and allow the various state institutions to get on with the job and deliver proper healthcare/education/defence.
    - Remove the rose-tinted glasses of political correctness and recognise that mass immigration is harmful - put in place proper border controls and start removing any and all illegal immigrants.
    - Recognise that the Defence establishment is chronically over-stretched and under-funded and take meaningful steps to address both issues.
    - Recognise that the military (and the NHS and education) are not the same as a business and that their performance cannot be measured in simplistic profit/loss terms.
    - Effective policing with a visible presence and removal of automatic enforcement devices (bye, bye Gatso).
    - Politicians' terms & conditions of "employment" and pension provision to be brought into line with the current levels being experienced in the rest of the UK.
    - Establishment of a "common sense" arm of the Civil Service to review any Brussels inspired legislation to ensure a rational adoption of the law (if it is appropriate) and to remove the gold-plating that the UK currently applies.
    - Equality of representation & legislation for all member countries of the UK - the current situation where there are 4 different types of government for the constituent parts of the United Kingdom is unfair and undemocratic.
    - Cease "modernising" for the sake of it; if something is not broke, don't try and fix it!

    And finally, grant Scotland independence so that they can have Broon et al all to themselves!
  12. Agree with you Flagwagger, apart from your last sentence, i would willingly chip in with funds to send him into exile, as hes Labour Siberia comes to mind, plus it would be cheaper.
  13. Solid suggestions FlagWagger the only problem being politicians no matter what colour are incapable of doing the simple sensible things. I see Labour as being better than anything else currently on offer.
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    So the core of the problem is simple: party politics has demonstrably failed - what can we as the disenfranchised electorate do about it? Revolution anyone? :)
  15. finknottle wrote:
    Solid suggestions FlagWagger the only problem being politicians no matter what colour are incapable of doing the simple sensible things. I see Labour as being better than anything else currently on offer.

    As a matter of interest Fink, in another thread you want all the illegal immigrants sent home? Who in the last 10 years has been letting them in?
  16. higthepig, to be fair the floodgates did not open of May2nd 1997 this problem had been ongoing long before then. However Labour have done nothing to stem the incoming flood of those looking for the fabled streets paved with gold. Just because I support Labour it does not follow that I agree with all that they do in our name. When Blair toadied along with Bush on their ‘mission from god’ and committed our troops to Iraq my party membership card went back.
  17. Put my head between my hands and yelled Eurecka!!
  18. Is that the Swede Eurecka that I got my leg over with when the Abdiel was in Malmo in June 72?

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