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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 6, 2007.

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    as its a subject close to our hearts-------- whats YOUR local brew??
  2. "The one and only" Newcastle Brown Ale
    Ale of the Gods and catalyst to many a great British night out of a pint and a fight.
  3. Used to be Vaux Breweries in Sunderland - sadly no more. =(

    However, in Gosport the local brew seems to be whatever the Burberry baseball cap crowd can throw down their necks in the shortest possible time, eg Carlsberg Special, WKD, WD40, Brasso . . .
  4. Shepherd & Neames in Kent, or Youngs now in London.

  5. [​IMG]
    couldnt agree more babe!!!!!!!

  6. ur- but not me!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Used to be Courage all the way for me before I joined up.
    Directors from the cask was very special, never liked it out of a tin though and it didn't travel well either.
  8. Of course! ^~
  9. babe- im a martini girl!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  10. it used to be Develish (sorry Devinish) in weymouth then Eldridge Pope from Dorchester but the only one left now is Hall and Woodhouse (Badger Beer) in Blandford

  11. Vaux may have gone but Federation breweries still make many fine ales. :thumright:
  12. Mathew Browns used to be out local brewery, but they got swallowed up by S&N, brewery sadly closed now. Worked there for one glorious summer, was like a pig in sh*t
  13. Not a bad drop of beer, Southwick Ales at the back of the Golden Lion are good. Gales when they were at Horndean were good
    Being a Londoner 'London Pride' works for me and Ringwood 49'er to get a bit more local
  14. Anyone going to own up to getting Spingo'ed?
  15. Gales has been bought out by Fullers, talking of which "Chiswick Bridge" is a very nice pint.
  16. Good Man! As Alexander Keith are my first 2 names my folks have made a point of getting me Brewery T Shirts every time they're in Canada. Fair decent tipple as well but I don't think you could beat Castletown Pale Ale from the Isle of Man - sadly no longer with us :crying:
  17. Grolsch brewery was just 4 miles down the road for me in the town of Groenlo,NL
    They moved the factory about 3 years ago some 15 miles further.

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