So I just passed out on the 14th of December, and am joining sultan on Monday. I've just turned 17 last week and was wondering if the navy will put me through my test or give me a loan for a car and insurance. Does anyone have any knowledge of these things? Any help is greatly appreciated


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The RN will neither put you through your driving test, unless you require it for your branch (unlikely), nor give you a loan to do it.
^Fully agree, plus some advice offered* in good faith:

BZ for cracking RALEIGH, Younker @Niall01, but there is still a hell of a lot of learning ahead in Phase Two and into your first draft - concentrate on gaining good results throughout.

Now earning and itching to burn some borrowed cash too, eh? FGS please don't! :mad:

Instead, why not start saving up to pay for a (crash :WINK:) course of driving lessons in Cash - Much later in the year though because the evenings will be lighter with far better weather and by then you'll have a firm handle on the study regime & routines at HMS SULTAN & beyond.
The Test? Figures for practical driving tests have hovered around the 50% pass rate for several years now** - Be prepared for 2nd/3rd test attempts with associated additional costs of extra lessons etc.

Test eventually Passed? Good - But hold off even thinking of owning a car until at least after your first sea draft. Otherwise, it will just sit there forlornly rusting/vandalised/devaluing whilst you chug around the globe unable to enjoy activities ashore because all your money is committed to repaying the Loan & Interest for vehicle purchase price/road tax/upkeep & mtce. Quite aside from what you'll discover is likely to be an astronomical Insurance premium as 'a new 17yr old driver, with nil experience in a high risk category occupation.

*Please note that this advice is offered, not 'given'. It could be read as negative but such are the realities of life in your new blue suit.

**Test Figures from

Best of luck with whichever way you play it - Let us know what you decide, please?

Regards - Bob L in a rare serious mood today :oops:

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