LOA Rates for UAE.

Does anyone on here have the rates to hand? I am doing my final trip back to Bahrain for four months and unfortunately ;-) my unit has been tasked to go to Dubai for 4 weeks. I am on leave at the moment so no access to Dii, all I need is the UAE rates please. Many thanks


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the full rates for finding own food vary from around 25-26GBP depending on rank rate. Will you be on LOA for a 4 week det or will you be on subs?
If you are on Overseas Subsistence Allowance, then the rate showing on JPA is 277.97 Dirhams. SMA is 208.48.
SF many thanks for the reply. We receive LOSLOA in Bahrain so I presume we will be receiving the same in the UAE. We are being accommodated in a hotel for the four weeks.

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