Lloyds TSB wins court challenge to fees

The very name TSB makes me want to fecking puke!!!

The cnuts misquoted my mortgage settlement figure by ten thousand pounds . Then they paid my interest money I had invested into a strange account unknown to me. They asked who owned the account. You tell me knob head you put it there!!!

If my name was Beckham I could have sued for zillions on the count of stress and trauma . On the count of the mortgage the wording stated We are sorry our figures are misleading


If you mean they saved £2000 after paying out millions (yes millions) then its round 1 to the banks. They won due to the fact that the argument was aginst illegal charges. They are not - they are unlawfull. It all came done to the particulars of the claim. The banks have not won and it isnt even a set back. Keep claiming. for more advice and info then go here people


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