Lloyd's (of London) Military Network


I could not find any mention of the Lloyd's Military Network (LMN) here on Rum Ration. I hope it may be of interest;

Our mission is to enable ex military and serving reservist personnel to realise their full potential. Our commitment is to bridge the knowledge and experience gap for individuals leaving the military who have an active interest in employment in the insurance industry. We deliver on that commitment by assisting in the transition of military personnel. The LMN placement programme is the first internship programme of its kind specifically focussed on providing many employers with recognised ex-military talent who enhance and become an asset to all participating sponsors.
The scheme involves a two month unpaid internship within the Lloyd's of London Insurance Market. One month with an insurance broker and one with an underwriter. Whilst there is no guarantee of employment at the end, I understand that the subsequent take up rate is very good.

I should point out that I am not directly involved with the scheme but am acquainted with it via my RBL contacts.

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