Lizzy Taylor

Hollywood are already planning a movie about the life of Elizabeth Taylor.

Its provisionally titled eight weddings and a funeral.

That is all.
. . . . . . .or Todd AO even?

Those sophisticates of 'today' will find it hard to appreciate Elizabeth Taylor's beauty and significance as a true star of her day; from National Velvet (aged 12) and on.

She was truly 'of her time' and, IMHO, only clouded herself with her latter association with a certain M. Jackson Esq.

I kid you not.:bs:
I remember hearing of her and Burtons honeymoon,he got up in the night and shook her awake,she said"What's the matter?" he replied "I'm going for a slash" and she was annoyed saying "why the feck did you wake me up to tell me that?"
He said "Keep my place!"
Time for a beer I reckon, never been with a bird with violet eyes, a few with a violet snatch tho! took penicillin for that.
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