Livingstone and Slavery

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. I read last week (picked up by Richard Littlejohn in yesterday's Daily Mail) of Ken Livingstone speaking about slavery whilst sharing a platform with Jesse Jackson and breaking down during his apologies for Britain's involvement in the trade.

    What is it with the Mayor? None of us alive was around for the slave trade and UK plc was the prime mover in its abolition, so why should anyone apologise for it now, any more than we should expect Austria to apologise for spawning Hitler?
  2. its just another way that our once great country is showing its willingness to roll over and play dead...........if the other nations realy new our people and not just the politico's they would find a much stronger nation.....then they are led to belive.....
  3. I was fined ten bob for trespassing on the railways when I was eleven me dad said that was it,you now have a criminal record you will never gain employment. You have disgraced the family name!! The stress and trauma over those years was unbelievable when you think what these knobs get up to these days I think a miscarriage of justice was evident.

    I demand a Queens pardon and the ten bob back with interest of course.

    Perhaps Red Ken can help out!!
  4. whilst i agree that slavery should be acknowledged we should not be coerced into apologising for something that happened so long ago, this country and those prix in their ivory towers take their eye of the ball too many times and concern themselves with what is the flavour of the month at the time. give it another year or so and you will get the govt saying sorry for the crusades or some other bollox
  5. The Bloody frogs should say sorry for shooting Harold in the eye.
  6. our once great nation is being slowly eaten away and the worst thing is its from the liberal bastards on the inside
  7. always thought the crusades were to do with the Catholic Church...wiping out all that did not bow to thier God...(cud be wrong tho)
  8. essentially yes but on a wider scale it was a christian v muslim thang, thats why the rag heads justify things like 9/11 and 7/7
  9. .....and they are putting up a larger than life statue of the ex-terrorist Mandela in Parliament square....Why? What has he ever done for this country?
  10. I dont suppose it would be worth asking the current descendants of those slaves living in the UK if they would like to be repatriated to the country of their forefathers instead of an apology???

  11. What about Julius Caeser and those bloody Romans enslaving us in AD43
    I am downtrodden and traumatised!
    I demand an apology from the Wops!
  12. If fluffy Ken is apologising on his own behalf, that's his (misguided) business. If he's apologising for the people of London, I'd be bloody furious if I still lived there. For a man famous for refusing to apologise for his "concentration camp guard" put-down to a journalist, this is amazing.

    We had Rev J Jackson over here last week encouraging us to say sorry for shipping the blacks West as slaves. As dhoby_bucket
    observed, where would he have been without slavery?
  13. Living in a hut?
  14. Yes, made of mud...
  15. Weren't the so called slaves rounded up by neighbouring tribes.
    and sold to the traders which weren't all British. I think the arabs were among the biggest traders.
    Our biggest contribution was in transporting them.
  16. If the Greeks, Romans, Russians etc etc all apologise for the slavery that they employed for centuries before the Big Bad British Empire came along, then perhaps, but can you imagine a Greek apologising to the descendants of Greek slaves of 2000 plus years ago?

    Yes it is a horrible thing and we should not forget that, but Britain never started slavery, what Britain did was come to her senses and ended it.
  17. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Using, of course, the Royal Navy to end the transatlantic slave trade.
  18. A very emotive but important subject. I've discussed this several times with a number of African guys I work with. It amazes me that they are so blinkered on the subject. No one in a modern society could condone what happened but it is as if the British invented the trade. They completely ignore the Arab element, inter-tribal warfare and slavery, going further back the Egytian, Nubian and other ancient empires and the fact that the Portugese were for many years the largest slaving nation in the world; by Papal bull they had a monoploy.

    Whilst I agree that we, the old European powers, exacerbated the existing and eventually turned it into a large scale and horrific industry, it was not without the help and assistance of many indigenous tribes of West Africa.

    It is worth noting that UNICEF believe that 53 African nation still "traffic" people and that Mauratania, one of the original slaving nations has only recently outlawed slavery, although some consider their brand of slavery to be acceptable as it is not the "displacing" or brutal, trans-Atlantic, white owner, type.

    It was wrong but my great great great grandfather hadn't been born when it was abolished, why should I apologise?

  19. RedKen conveniently forgets that he fought the Borough tooth and nail to prevent the said statue being placed, and then has the gall to be gaily unveiling it - hypocritical or what ?
    But then, few of us really thought he'd truly left the Liebour party to be elected mayor by the morons...
  20. I can't remember enslaving anyone. Might have forgotten, but I doubt it.

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