Living out during phase 2


It's probably the most realistic option, and since we both love Cornwall it would be a move we're both happy with! Soleil, just out of interest, are you based at Culdrose? Your info on this has been very helpful.

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Are you married? If so, yes you can live ashore. That was certainly the case when I was last involved with training. Phase 2 training routines change regularly and I'd have to check the full policy and that privilege may not be extended if you are not married. I'll ask the question.
Living off base isn't always the best idea. Culdrose facilities are pretty good, gym, pool, cinema. You will end up with a single cabin that isn't too dissimilar to a Travelodge,most people make themselves quite comfortable. Staying on board offers a simple life actually when you're on an intense course, so you'll be virtually free of any distractions. My advice would be do not rush it to anything. Also consider what happens if you don't pass the course and then have a house to deal with in an area that you don't have a job. I've seen it happen. Pro's and cons.


Culdrose is still using the pool? I well remember skinny dipping with a wren or two in the last remaining WW2 Static Water Tank over at Station Flight. The water must be getting a trifle foetid by now.