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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TopCat, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello, I was just interested in your experiences of living on a ship, whether it was hard to get used to, is it easy to sleep? is it difficult living in a confined space? Do you prefer being at sea or not?
  2. I found no problem living in a 48 man mess, sleeping with the noise of the props turning or anything else making noises when you're trying to get some ZZZ's.

    However the newer ships are all luxury now so I don't see the same problems happening any more on them lol
  3. Could I just point out that you actually live "IN" a ship.
    If your not good in confined spaces, avoid sweepers , and I was going to say subs but since my naval days subs are no longer small.
    RNDQ's is a place to avoid also although I never found out how to and it is a hotel I do not give star rating to.
    Mess decks are not really too confined, and as for sleeping, most Matelot's can sleep on a clothes line.
    The expression Three badge blanket springs to mind when thinking about a lot of my oppo's as was.
  4. They'll all avoid RNDQs these days.
  5. I found it odd to get used to when I joined my first ship. There's not an awful lot of space and very little privacy. The bunks are narrow and there's someone within just a few inches of you in all directions. Add to that the noise of the running machinary, ventilation, prop noise, the noise of the sea when you're under way, people snoring, TV or music noise when people pissing up in the mess square. That all takes a lot of getting used to but you will quite quickly. Oddly, the thing that's most likely to wake you up is if the ventilation goes off in the middle of the night. Then you wake up and start listening out for that pipe "fire, fire, fire".
  6. (My bold)
    Spot on Jimmy. It always took me a few days to get used to the quiet at night when I was home on leave without suddenly waking up and reaching for my ovies.

    Edited to make sense
  7. I had no problem sleeping, when at sea the ship rocked me to sleep, when in harbour the alcohol knocked me out :roll:

    The smell of stale farts,smelly socks and diesel all mixed in with the pong from the galley takes a bit more getting used to :sad3:
  8. I'm curious to know why it has taken 10 posts for you to ask this question ? Elucidate...
  9. You missed out farting and wanking :D
  10. Who are you talking to?
  11. Don't know about today, but in days of yore on a type 14/15 frigate, you ate, slept and amused yourself in a space British Railways would keep 2 horses or 4 cows in. No TVs, computers, just the SRE or somebodys Grundig tape recorder. You could always pop down another mess for a game of crib/uckers/dominoes or a movie, and we were mostly content with it - perhaps the tot helped ?. From what I read on this forum, messdeck life as I knew it doesn't exist any more.
  12. The original poster I his post count :lol:
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  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My money's on Guzzler. (Not that we're allowed to gamble).
  16. Considering his name I'm surprised he didn't ask "did you spill my pint"
  17. Noooooooo, you've got me all wrong. A man of peace me.

    Anyway, I think I know Polto and he's far too nice a chap for all that shenanigans.
  18. I do know Polto, he's a sneaky fcuker, death by stealth. I'm running away now before he comes over and gives me a slap :lol:
  19. Whats it like being in a ship during a storm and got any experiences to share on them?
  20. I was on an OPV HMS Anglesey during various Storms. All I can say it was outstanding!!! Bridge screen running at night was always extreme lol

    I loved rough weather, scran queues were shorter lol

    Never suffered from sea sickness. On the 42's I used to loved going up the fwd horse shoe and getting air time as the ships bounced up and down off the waves

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