Living life backwards.

Pinched this from another forum - thought it was good.

I have decided I want to live my next life backwards. I would start dead and wake up in a nursing home and get better each day until I was healthy enough to be sent home. I would enjoy retirement collecting my pension, travelling the world until I start work. I would receive a gold watch on the first day. I would work for forty years until I'm too young and then find myself at High school, drinking alcohol, going to wild parties and being generally promiscous. Then I would go back to primary school and play games and have no money worries. Then I would spend most of the day sleeping or snuggled in a woman's bosom. Then I would float about for nine months in spa like conditions until finally I finish it all off in an orgasm!
If you hear sirens - don't panic. They mean you no harm. The men in white coats only have your best interests at heart.


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