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Looks like I am going to have to up sticks from beautiful Rutlandshire next year and take the clan down to the delights of pompey (actually I am quite looking forward to it!). However, I have never lived in the quarters in Portsmouth, in fact, I don't think I have even seen any! So, where are the best places to try and get allocated, and where should I tell DHE to shove? (Bare in mind 1. wife = near to Gun Wharf Shops, 2. kids =Nice schools and nursery & 3. me = cycling distance of the dockyard/pubs). Someone was trying to convince me that new builds in Lee on Solent where the way ahead. I look forward to some helpful advice from the assembled masses.
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All areas have their advantages/disadvantages; DHE will try to accommodate you according to your Service and family requirements. For location, Eastney is closest to Gunwharf, followed by Paulsgrove (unless you are an Occifer, in which case there are limited MQs in Old Portsmouth, Drayton and on Eastney seafront, which are ideal.)

Gosport has various MQ sites, again with advantages and disadvantages. The quality of the MQ has increased significantly over the last decade, so some of the horror stories you may have heard are no longer apparent!

Either side of the water is well within cycling distance of the Dockyard/establishments (however Gosport has the advantage of having a good dedicated cycle route system), however you face the dilemma of using the Gosport Ferry to cross to Portsmouth (or travel the 15 miles or so via Portchester).

Like any house (private or Service) you can pick your location but you cannot pick your neighbours; whilst at Provost, I was called to attend many disturbances in all locations, involving public and Service personnel (all ranks), so one area is not necessarily better than the other.

DHE (SE Region) can be contacted here or here:

South East Regional HQ Office
Dreadnought Block
HMS Nelson
HM Naval Base Portsmouth

Tel: 02392 726456

More MQ advice an be obtained from the RN Community website here.

Good luck! :thumbright:
Avoid Paulsgrove like the plague, it's the ******** of the universe.

Top end of Pompey is OK as is Eastney. The true shithole areas of Portsea Island are Buckland, Somerstown and Landport.

Gosport town is like a scene from some Deliverance style film, the locals are seriously inbred and the town has chronic social problems. 'Markee Dayz' are something to behold. Lee on Solent is OK and is far enough out to avoid the worst of Gosport, but the Gosport area is hell on earth to get into and out of by car during peak times.

Dunno if there are any MQ's out my way, if there are, why not join the commute in from the sticks to PNB like I do every day from Emsworth, nice countryside with trees. It's often quicker to drive in on the A27M from Havant than drive across from Eastney.


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my last mq was peak lane estate fareham had a car to commute but good schools on the estate fareham shops short bus ride away if ur using a bike ...i dunno ?
My last MQ was in Old Rowner, Gosport, but that was nearly 7 years ago mind. It was a decent quarter and had everything needed to get on with life, although the 'commute' in and out of Gosport was a nightmare.

From what I can gather, the new ones at Lee-on-the-Solent are supposed to be very good, but you will still have the commute problems along Newgate Lane.

Hilsea, Eastney and Peak Lane are all supposedly decent as well, but I cannot speak from personal experience.

Best thing to do is to look over all the areas and see which can offer you best facilities and location. From what I can remember, the schools in and around Hilsea are poor, or at least, used to be. Northern Parade/Mayfield etc.
only really two places for quarters now one is by the old eastney barracks or up on the hill in cosham dont know whats in Gosport thoough
Peak Lane is a nice estate as stated, not as many probs commuting by car if you take the slightly longer route and go back towards to southampton by 1 junction to get on the M27 (Thats the trick i learnt anyhow's) Nice houses, small gardens but lots of communal areas. Not sure if they've had the kitchens done up yet as we moved to the back of beyond 2 yr ago. Your still not far from pompey/gunwharf by car or i used to park in gosport and catch the ferry across. Gun wharf is 5 mins from the ferry port.


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