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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Lissa, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Are any matelot's on here living 'Down Under'?? AND THAT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN AS ANYTHING THAN 'LIVING IN AUSTRALIA'. OK. nuff said.
  2. OOps... may be in wrong thread! Me bad.
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  4. Wet Blobby is in New Z is that close enough, he was a boot neck if that counts against him
  5. Went to Australia once ... place was full of bronzed women running around the beach in very small bikini's ... someone tell me why I came home again????????????
  6. Rockingham eh? Still got the Helter Skelter on the Village green or have you all stopped playing "little England".
    I'm an ex pat living in Uk.
    Come from the Crow state but served time at Subiaco for my sins, and fair do's it wasn't that bad.
    Perth is quite a nice city I find and enjoyed a stay there three years ago.
    Tailem Bend was home when I lived there.
  7. Knew a girl in Perth once ... Banged like a dunny door in a force 10 gale!
  8. Just one?
    What kind of a matelot were you?
    Cherry Anne Carlton aka Carol Anne dainty the best stripper this side of the black stump and mine for the duration.
    Her old man stood at the side of the bed moaning at me for giving her the good news. Fresh from Nam and me in the bed.
    All we needed was fuckin Cilla Black shouting surprise surprise and the scene would have been epic.
  9. To be honest we were only in Freemantle for a weekend along with a CVS so aq little too much competition! Well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
  10. Talking of Australia dits ... Ship was in Sydney for the Fleet Review. One of the guys in the mess had relations who lived at Bondi who invited the whole PO's mess back to their place for a Bar B ... Time we got to the day of the Bar B most of the mess had cried off for one reason or another and it ended up with 6 of us going ... the PO RP (who's Aunt & Uncle it was) PO GI (Mess Prez) POM's x 2, POWEM and me PO Doc! Uncle owns a dry cleaning business and sends one of his vans to provide us wheels so we highjacked the driver to go via a "Drive Thru" Off Licence ... Amazing place... big shed with doors each end ... drive in load the car up with crates of Tooheys and off we went. Tipped up at the pad and from the front it looked like a normal bungalow ... stuffin place was like a Tardis ... it went on for miles ... Hot tub on the patio and a mahoosive swiming pool down the garden! Uncle welcomed us with open arms ...gave us a bollocking for buying beer and showed us a Ginagerous fridge which was loaded from bottom to top with Swan/Victoria Bitter/Tooheys etc etc ... and told us were had to stay till we'd drunk it! Nice sunny day and as we just lounged around getting well pissed ... strumming on the old stringbox and generally having a great time eatin ... drinkin and chattin up the talent. Every now and then the door would open and another coach load of people would tip up ... generally with some well fit women most of which stripped off and climbed in the hot tub. Cracking day ... we ended up at midnight in the tub with 4 of the best looking women I have seen absolutely rigbolted! Yeup! I like Australia!
  11. Hot tubs, yeah they'll help start a fight.
    Went up homers in Oz with a few lads and lasses to the home of this guy who had grippoed my mate.
    There were a few Aussie lads at the party and when one of the lads from my mess asked if he could have a shot at the hot tub, one of the locals says, "jeez evolution, last time we met a pom we had to give him an operating instruction manual to use the fuckin shower"
    I do believe the shit hit the fan.
    Whilst attempting to remain neutral, I got battered by both sides.
  12. Bet it was a sludgemariner!
  13. I've got your card marked MGM

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  14. [​IMG]

    Come and get me blue eyes!!!!!
  15. What the **** is that a downs syndrome cat?
    And now your going to tell me it's the much loved family pet.
    Oh ****.
  16. I love that Aussie description of thirst.................'Streuth, my throat's as dry as a pommy bath towel'
  17. Were they on special, MGM? =)

    I, too, love the drive through bottle shops. In fact the Mrs would probably say I like them too much but I like to support the local economy. I thought it was compulsory to own several beer fridges but I think with 3 I might have gone overboard (especially as the smallest one is 500 litres capacity =-\\\\\\\\). Obviously the bar needs a massive one and the 'entertaining area' too. I wasn't allowed to put one next to the kitchen fridge but at least the shed has got a decent beer supply, just in case you can't make it to the BBQ area in time. Now, what was that about fat bastard and knackered livers?

    Not trying to black cat but we managed to get 11 in the spa at the most recent party. Unfortunately this did not include the bevy of beauties you described :crying:

    Not too keen on Lissa's Rockingham though; sure, the penguins are fine but the petrol refinery really spoils the whole unspoilt look. I happen to know two of the RN's ex-finest who live close by (but further North), so the answer to the original question is a definite 'yes'.
  18. Japanese Ninja Attack Cat!

    Nah ... can't claim this one as mine (Thank God) .... found on t'internet as a warning to Wrecker's rat on a string!

  19. Quite possibly ... Mind before I went to Aus I thought everyone drank Forsters ... now I know most avoid it like the plague! Quite like Tooheys / Swan Lager ... Darwin Stubbies are even better and did stumble across a micro brewery in a pub in Freemantle which did some very passable ale. Can understand what you mean about have a beer fridge in the shed!

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