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I am hoping you can help, my husband is currently at Faslane where we have a SFA, we are however thinking about getting a private let back home. My husband has gone into the UPO to enquire about travel allowences, but been told 3 or 4 vastly different figures. I was woundering if anyone here could advise us on the rates of get you home pay (if it is called that) He is almost certainly going to be in Faslane for the long term - our home would be in the South East so its 446 miles from Faslane (each way) if that helps.

I would be very grateful for any help, while we thinking about this move

Thank You
Hi Penny,

My boyfriend is at RNAS culdrose and we live in Portsmouth, he gets about £250 a month get you home allowance. I'm sorry I don't know how they calculate it! I hope this helps a bit!

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