Liverpool v Arsenal

Just watched what must be one of the best European games of all time: swung to and fro, Liverpool in front, Arsenal ahead on away goals, then 2 goals in the last 10 minutes finish it. Despite the high stakes both teams were playing for (loser finishes the season with zilch), not one visible outburst of dissent, despite a contentious penalty, very few fouls that were deemed worthy of cards - all in all, a credit to 2 very good English teams, despite a distinct lack of Englishmen on the pitch..... Thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was a very good game, but I noticed the commentator was very careful not to call them English teams, but refered to them as Premiership teams. Still as long as Arsenal lost all's right with the world.
Probably to ease the feelings of the non-represented celtic tribes !! Liverpool v Chelski in the semis - is this deja vu, or have I seen this before ? Same result, no problems - Barca in the final, perhaps ????
Amazing game. Thought we'd lost it with 5 minutes left! Probably the most tense game I've ever watched. We might have got a bit lucky with the penalty but Liverpool's European adventure continues yet again with another semi against Chealski! Can't wait! Then hopefully beat Man Utd in the final to cap it off! :w00t:

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