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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by arrow, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    Just looking for some info about recruitment to a URNU I am starting at the University of Central Lancashire in September and trying to join a URNU but I got in touch with Liverpool and they told me it was Manchester to join and Manchester tell me its Liverpool.
    I was just wondering if there was any uclan students in that could help me.

    I am 26 and was in the RAF for 5yrs and was looking for some info on recruitment and what the medical is like.
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    No offence mate but you may find URNU a bit beneath you if you've served regular time. Try RNR instead?
  3. It’s more learning new skills and socialising which I think a URNU would be just what I am looking for really. And no offence taken lol.
  4. As a former member of M&S URNU I can state categorically that UCLAN Students go to Manchester. Only ever had one though. If you want any further details pm me.
  5. Cheers pashton86 i thought it was Manchester i guess i will just have to see lol
  6. Call the unit if you have any questions, or send a PM if you like.
  7. Good thank you i have sent you a PM.
  8. From a purely admin point of view, Manchester is a lot easier to get to from Preston.

    Trains to Liverpool form Preston are v. awkward
  9. yes i think its cheeper to manchester to just hope i get in lol
  10. I did think that Manchester was going to be the answer as the RN website says that the URNUs recruit from areas within an hour's travel to them by public transport. When I looked at the train timetables, it seemed to me that the journey times from UCLAN to Manchester were generally under that hour, but that the journey times from UCLAN to Liverpool were over an hour.
  11. i thought that but each unit told me it was the other unit i should go to lol
  12. Do you think someone has warned them about you?

    Seriously, give it a go. My daughter was in the URNU at Uni and she loved it, and got a lot out of it too.

    (Mostly hangovers, but she can passage plan, apparently.)
  13. I think it would be good i just wounder if my RAF service would put them off me but i think i would get alot out of it but i could also give alot to the unit.
  14. PM Replied.
  15. Thank you
  16. well its not to long now till freshers and i have to pop down to one of the manchester unis to see MSURNU hope i get in to see them lol and get an interview.
  17. We will be put on Oxford Road recruiting during Fresher's week. During Fresher's week, just pop along to the unit for a chat and to make yourself known, and to sign up for our recruiting night (usually a presentation, beer and pizza). At the recruiting night, sign up for an interview and then just go with the flow!
  18. Good i thought i would have to go into the uni lol
  19. Off topic Arrow, what course are you doing at UCLAN. My stepson is starting their next week, he is doing sport journalism
  20. Im doing Law and criminology starting next week to but moveing into halls on Sunday.

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