Liverpool Matthew St Festival

Capn_Pugwash said:
Shameless plug for my good friend:

Johnny Heywood, of "The New Mud", "Burn" and "Self-Righteous Brothers" fame will be appearing with his new tribute band


at the Beatles Festival week in Liverpool.

Johhny has previously played The Cavern and this will be his 3rd year headlining at the festival.

Check out the links:
Wingspan 1700 hrs Monday Derby Square Beatles stage with big screen next to the Goose pub £1. 50p a pint :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Thansk Scouse.

Wingspan is, sadly, no more (artistic differences, I understand)

New band is


Unfortunately, i wont be there.

Speak to Johnny if you get the chance, he's a nice guy really.

His wife is gorgeous too!

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