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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by rickeee, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Will the glory days ever return for the Scouse nation?

    Not while the Yanks are in charge, however don't just blame the Yanks; what about the joint responsibility of the supporters?

    Where is the historic and traditional bravado of al those worshipers? If the supporters had decided to delay the purchase of season tickets for 3 months and refused to buy goods from the club retail outlets the Yanks would have faced bankruptcy before the season had even started.

    We are now faced with probably the weakest team and squad ever put together by a first/premier division in history, and there is no sign of the Yanks moving on because you KEEP GIVING THEM THE DOSH TO KEEP THE BANKS AT LARGE.

    Come on you Scouse lads and lasses, show the Yanks that it is you who decide the destiny of this once great club.
  2. Err ?
  3. whilst I agree with your most of your post surely some of the blame falls on to the players of club. I am not a great football fan but the team seem to play as individuals not as a team. It is the fault of the yanks with the financial mess the club is in but can we blame them for the way that the players play on the field. I for one do not think so.

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