Liverpool Echo: "New Military Ships 'Must Be Built At Yards Like Cammell Laird After Brexit'"


War Hero
"Union leaders say the Government would be betraying Brexit if it gave a £1bn military shipping contract to overseas shipyards and ignored UK firms like Cammell Laird.

The GMB says that after the “blue passports fiasco”, the Government should reverse plans to put a tender for three new support ships to overseas bidders.

The union says overseas shipyards are “eying up” the Fleet Solid Support order. But it says there is “no excuse” for sending the work outside the UK and that it could secure thousands of jobs.

The new Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels will be needed to serve the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said the order will go out to international tender at the end of the month."


War Hero
If the UK yards have no spare capacity, they won’t bid. That sounds like a good excuse.

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