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    yesterday marked the anniversary of the last full day the Beatles spent in the city before buying huge houses in Surrey.
    It was on 10 July, 1964 that the Beatles returned from their first US tour to a rapturous Merseyside welcome, before pleading with manager Brian Epstein to get them the hell out of there.

    After an open-top bus tour of the city, John Lennon and Ringo Starr completed the purchase of two huge mock-Tudor houses in Weybridge, while George Harrison snapped up a luxury bungalow in Esher.

    Paul McCartney, meanwhile, opted for a town house in St John's Wood, refusing to live in Surrey until he was allowed to buy all of it.

    The city's first Beatles Day featured 'Pacemaker' legend Gerry Marsden and a host of Liverpool rockers, all of whom were once brutally insulted by John Lennon.

    Bill McKay, bass player with legendary skiffle band, The Whistling Kettles, said: "They were great days. John would come in, compare himself to Mozart and then call us a bunch of wankers. He was my best friend."

    Billy Storm, lead singer of Billy Storm and the Umbrellas, added: "Paul was a lovely bloke too. He used to lend people money at a very reasonable rate of interest.

    "But John had this special magic about him. Especially when he was shagging my girlfriend."

  2. Now for the Main Event 18/21st July Tall Ships.Even mere mortals like you Slim. Will be impressed :thumright:
  3. Tall ships race. piece of piss to beat tall ships, I raced some down Gosport high street and they couldn't even get started.
  4. Not forgetting Jennifer Ellison of the big tits and gob fame!

    I will never leave "THE POOL" So she buys a house in Widnes and decides to have parties galore feck the neighbours. After neighbours complaining to! the council she now has a outdoor swimming pool But is still a cnut
  5. ...And although George Harrison had moved to Henley-on-twatshire, he still ended up being stabbed by a burglar.
    PC Copper, investigating, told reporters, "we got the scouse bastard, gave him a bit of a kicking, threw him in the mariah for a boot party, imagine our surprise when it turned out the man in custody was the householder, and we had left the chirpy cheeky cockney burglar robbing the place we laughed as Mr Harrison gurgled through his sucking chest wound "Its an honest mistake, guv".
  6. 'bout time too. Just listen to Beautiful South. See where you've gone so wrong.

    Answers on a postcard please. Or if you'r scouse - just tick the box...
  7. Just nick the box, surely.


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