Live event at HMS Dalriada

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Logi, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. hi I am attending an event in a few weeks before I apply, child care plans have fallen through and husband is going away on Monday, he's a marine, does anyone know if I will be allowed to have my 3 year old tag along as long as I keep him occupied (iPad works wonders!) ?? I have tried ringing the unit but no answer :/
  2. Unit is the key, call again, and even consider emailing. Whatever anyone says on here, it will be CO DALRIADA's call, not some AB from wherever. -:)
  3. Just wondered if anyone such as @Ninja_Stoker would know I have tried ringin a few times in the opening hours I was told when I booked the event
  4. Not long enough to look for an alternative baby-sitter?
  5. I'm new to the area so only know the odd person at the minute, we just moved here for hubbys posting so limited options at the moment
  6. Fair enough. and you don't want an odd-person looking after the child. :)
  7. Nope haha hoping after we been here a couple of month will have a few more options that aren't quite so odd ha
  8. Hubby will have access to DIi, so ask him to email the CO direct on your behalf, it will her decision. ,
  9. Hubby is a Marine and only out of training since December, doubt he will know who to ask, I'll just keep trying tomorrow hopefully someone will pick up
  10. Well that's annoying, there a was full day event on Saturday just gone with a lot more included than the presentation evening I'm going to, I saw it on the Friday and rang up to get a place as it said you had to but the women on the phone said I missed the cut off so can't attend, just rang the unit now to ask about my son and the man that answered said I should of come it was one of the better ones they done and it was just a walk in day so didn't need to book a place!!
  11. RNR

  12. Hubby goes on to DIi, hubby types in commanding officer HMS DALRIADA, hubby gets email address, hubby sends email.
  13. They answered first time today, child is aloud to go so long as I can keep him occupied and quite! IPad it is haha
  14. Marine? DII? Type? Get a grip, Sir!
  15. BH
    I didn't say anything about spelling!!!
  16. How did you get on, did you join?
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  17. Well I went to the event, got the application pack and all the info however I am barred from applying until next February as I found out that morning I was pregnant so plans were scuppered there haha. I still went though so I had all the info I needed and any questions I had answered, I spoke to the officer there and told her my situation and she agreed to hold my details and contact me in February regarding applying then.

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