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Not very well over the weekend, I watched quite a bit of the Wembley event. Having also seen the Live Aid concerts, perhaps I'm just old-fashioned in expecting that there should have been more class on display. And what about the so-called headline act? Could there be a bigger hypocrite on this planet, other than Al Gore, of course? Madge squanders carbon more readily than most small countries, yet she still has the brass neck to get up and preach to the rest of us.
Agree - if they'd have switched half those lights off they'd have kept a town in the tird world in power for a year! And as for the aviation fuel wasted getting to any of the gigs................... (would of kept 'crab air' going for a few weeks at least - both of 'em)
Playing Devil's advocate here for a minute, the performers 'get out of jail free card' was by stating that the Live Earth event was to raise awareness of environmental issues. I think that people are either ignorant to what we are doing to the environment or apathetic and don't care. I personally am pretty passionate about the environment. But I take your points, it was a little bit too much 'do as I say, don't do as I do' for me. I get a little annoyed with people like Al Gore and Madonna telling me to wake up about the environment, when I have been recycling for years and sponser envionmental and wildlife charities annually. But I guess it's a sign of the times and if it does make a few more people aware than we can't complain too much. It's just sad that it is such a big problem in the first place :(

PS Asst-Dep hope your feeling better after the weekend.


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Ricky Gervais summed it up very well in stating that he felt this event would make as much difference to world-wide environmental issues as McCartneys' "Ebony & Ivory" achieved with global racial equality.

Quite. Or maybe even less.
For sale fifty mansions and countless gas guzzling limousines. And that's only Madonna.

This is about the same as "TWO JAGS" telling us all to go on public transport.

Are you ready to save the world. Well lets party people!!!
It does seem to revive the flagging careers of the has been rock stars........and get their bands back in the headlines........Oops 'praps I'm being overly cynical here.
Hey ho......fee dee worl n all that.....or is that the other world crisis, so many of 'em these days I don't know which to pay lip service to next.
IF the fusion engine was up and running tomorrow it wouldn't do much to halt GW (Global Warming), I suspect we've been ballsing the planet up since the Industrial Revolution.........It'll cheer the greens up though, they can officialy go around now saying "see, we told you there"!
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