Live Bait Squadron Society - latest bulletin /link to documentary

Discussion in 'History' started by MichaelBully1, Sep 25, 2016.

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  1. English language version of Dutch film first shown in 2014, to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the cruisers Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy, on 22nd September 1914 in the North Sea, near the Dutch coast.
    The three ships were torpedoed in the space of an hour by the U9 with 1459 casualties

    More about the making of the documentary can be found here. The Live Bait Squadron Society are based in The Netherlands ; many of the survivors owed their lives to two Dutch ships who rescued sailors in the water, and the Dutch people also tried to ensure that the bodies of those who perished who reached their shores were buried with honour. The Society has also been calling for the wrecks of the three ships to be protected and are opposing commercial diving on them.

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