Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by janner, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I know that many decry the Mail but I had many a smile at this yesterday.

    Parts of it were worthy of an entry in Lils eg.

    For instance, 'Juicy Jeni', the brass in question, alleges that Rooney slipped her £1,200 for the pleasure of her company.

    Frankly, he woz robbed, as we say in football circles. Juicy Jeni looks like the sort of scrubber who would turn a trick for ten bob at the back of a bus station

    Read more:
  2. Not a fan of the Mail but I do like Littlejohn
  3. I reckon you could add that to the One Liners thread :)
  4. Yes he's a very noble sort is littleJohn, starts out taking the piss out of the nobs paying through the nose for "commodities" and then trashes the jewellery at Argos in his patronising "humour".
    I'm glad he can afford to buy expensive "commodities".

    And as for comparing what footballers do now as to the "when I were a lad" sh1te well think on this, we've just been treated to a thread in this forum on "what car do you drive".
    We read of serving matelots driving BMW's and Alpha's. Oh how bizarre, surely they should be driving Ford Anglia's, and all living in council houses as we did "in the day".

    Just a "have not" getting bitter over the "have gots".

    Oh and spending dosh on prozzies?? so fuckin revolutionary that is eh?? matelots would never do it>
    Envy is the main tool of satire, he needs to pick his subjects a little more carefully for me.
    Cus pal if you've got it flaunt it, and if that concept is a little unpalatable, then there are a few posters on this forum you wealth police need to have a word with.
  5. [quote; Wrecker:]

    He, and Quentin Letts, are the reasons I read the wail (among others), he also very kindly replied when I pointed out a discrepancy in one of his articles a while ago.

  6. You darkies have never understood
  7. Totally agree. The main difference between Rum Rat and driving my new Range Rover in the snow is that my tires don't start singing "Old Man River" when I throw the chains on them. :wink:
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Richard Littlejohn is arguably the most well-known columnist for the Daily Mail, because of his consistently appalling opinions (which he he spewed forth when he wrote for The Sun). Every week he spits bile assaulting the topics that he knows will wind up the people who he calls "Guardianistas". Asylum seekers, gays and political correctness are amongst the favourite topics tackled by the man who is said to be Nick Griffin’s favourite columnist ('nuff said... :oops: ).

    Littlejohn’s attacks on “pooveryâ€, as he calls homosexuality, have become so well known, that the Guardian have in the past actually run a “Littlejohn auditâ€, which in 2004 found that in the preceding year, he referenced homosexuality 104 times in 90 columns. Impressive.

    Perhaps one of the most infamous Littlejohn columns, that really illustrate what an awful man he is, was his column shortly after the Ipswich murders, in which five prostitutes were killed. Richard, or “Dickâ€, as he may also be called, in his usual tactful style said that:

    " the scheme of things the deaths of these five women is no great loss."

    "They weren’t going to discover a cure for cancer or embark on missionary work in Darfur."

    Because obviously Littlejohn was writing this just after getting back from Dafur, having set aside a couple of minutes on the flight back to carry out some pioneering research?

    When you think about it, being a columnist is really no better than being a prostitute; the only difference is that Littlejohn (thankfully) isn’t selling his body, but is selling his bigotry - and terrifyingly, the Mail are willing to pay upwards of £700,000 a year for this "service".

    One of the most famous Littlejohn moments was during an argument with Will Self on Radio 5 Live, about their respective books. Self admitted to only having read half of Littlejohn’s book, and then they had the following exchange when Self criticised it:

    LITTLEJOHN: But you haven’t read the book in its totality and you have to read the book in its totality.

    SELF: Why?

    LITTLEJOHN: In order to understand it.

    SELF: Does it turn into Tolstoy at page 205?

    LITTLEJOHN: No it doesn’t turn into Tolstoy. I don’t set out to be Tolstoy. It is a much more complex book than that.

    Amazing... :roll:

    What a complete arse.

    A vapid, borderline racist idiot who clearly had a charisma bypass sometime in the late 1970s.

    His homophobia is anachronistic and ridiculous. Seriously, Richard, it’s 2010 and some people are gay. Get over it.

    But this fool is no 'Guardian reader nightmare' given his laughably feeble intellect. I know children who often present far superior arguments for me buying them sweets than Littlejohn presents for his insipid political 'insights'.

    He is an inconsequential wind bag inflated with nothing more than the flatulence of self importance.

  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Whilst Googling RLJ, I happened to notice that in York there is only one gay bar, and I was tempered by the sheer delightfulness of it being called "The Little John Inn"... :twisted:
  10. In short everything every thing a Mail reader wants from it's columnist then :wink:

  11. Racism? Yeah carry on reading Littlejohn, and maybe later today you could give Nick Griffin a call, Pugform will meet you round his house , he's gone to get some new sheets and pillowcases, "White Hoods" are coming back into fashion, especially south of the M/D line apparently. :wink: :wink: :)
    Meantime I'm with the Pepper Pig on this one, the mans a fuckin bigot and if he could take just a smidgen of what he dishes out he would still be one level lower than an amoeba.
    Or to coin a for'd seamans mess expression, "he's a cunt" :wink: :)

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