Little Red Riding Hood


War Hero
Little Red Riding hoods mother is telling her daughter not to take the shortcut through the forest saying
"If that bad wolf catches you, he'll suck your titties dry!"
"Go **** urself" was little red riding hood reply.
So off she goes straight into the forest, after walking for several minutes she comes across a frog, in which he states
"you better turn around because is that wolf catches you he'll suck your titties dry"
"go **** urself" was little red riding hood reply after booting the frog into a bush.
She carries on down the road, when sure enough out jumps the big bad wolf!
"little red riding hood" he says" unbuttom your blouse, im gonna suck your titties dry!" he proclaims!
to which little red riding hood replies, lifting up her skirt and pointing to her minge.
"listen you little ****, your gonna fuckin eat me, like it says in the book!"