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Little known facts about Wafu's


War Hero
Little known facts about Wafu's
1. Air station pay
This is an annual payment paid as a bounty to all Wafu's to compensate for arduous living conditions.
2. Flying Pay
When a Wafu is required to fly during the course of his duties he receives a flying allowance, regardless of whether or not he is aircrew.
3. Clothing allowance.
Annual payment made to both occifers and ratings to enable them to keep their civilian wardrobe up to date. It has been recognised that as the creme de la creme they must be encouraged to look smart both in and out of uniform.
4. Wine Allowance
Supplied only to those victualed on the air station at the evening meal. It has long been recognised that the water supplied by water boards is inferior to that supplied by the water tankies on board ships. To compensate for this a bottle of wine per man per day is supplied.
5. Annual Leave
As Wafu's do not get the same opportunities to travel as general service ratings an extra seven days leave is given so that they can see some of the world.
6. Airline tickets
To enable the unfortunate Wafu to see the world one return airline ticket will be provided F.O.C. to use with the extra leave.
7. Local Non Overseas Allowance
The LNOA is to compensate for the infrequency of collecting LOA. Any time spent away from the parent establishment (including weekends and leave) qualifies for this payment.


War Hero
Slim, I notice you kept quiet about the the ships mail airborne delivery allowance, and the fact that all dunker trained woos get diving pay.... :nemo:


War Hero
Ships_Cat said:
Slim, I notice you kept quiet about the the ships mail airborne delivery allowance, and the fact that all dunker trained woos get diving pay.... :nemo:

As an ex Wafu I decided it would be cruel to give too much information about the benefits of belonging to the RNs premier department.
We can't have all and sundry trying to transfer to the FAA purely for financial reasons. After all like nursing and the church being a Wafu is a calling not a profession.
Many are called but few are chosen. Hence the Golden Hello payment made in addition to the salary.
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