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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SO'Neill, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi in October 2009 aged 17 I applied to the Navy to become a AET (Air Engineering Technician) and I done my first tests and unfortunately didn't cut it for what is needed so I was given a list of what jobs I could do instead. When I left the Office in which I took the test I questioned myself was this a sign that the Navy isn't for me? I decided to take time try a few jobs as I'm still pretty young. I became an Electrician, Sales Assistant, Telesales man, and a chef, all within 1 year and none of them have made me feel I could do this forever and within the time from when I took the Navy test it was always in my head as it's what I've wanted to do for most of my life so now I've had time it really is what I want to do and I'm going to start the process again on Monday morning. Looking at the jobs on the Royal Navy website I would like to become a Seaman Specialist, Can anyone tell me what to do to prepare for the tests I will sit and when I should start training my fitness etc. Thanks in advance.
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  2. For RT, use the search bar there is lots of threads on this. I think there is one quite recently. Also use the practice book the office give. This is what I used and it was fantastic as the questions were very similar in the real test. Pratice against the clock is the best bit of advice I can give. If you can't get the question quickly move on to the next and go back if you have time. Me personally I would start the fitness as soon as possible that way you have no excuse to be unfit. Even if it is a couple of years before you get in. Good Luck

  3. One thing I can recommend is to learn your times table. Learning the basics will help massively.
  4. Learn a bit about personal security on the interweb, for a start remove your first name (By editing your post click on the edit link at bottom right of your post).
    Not only will this prevent potential embarrassment for you if people check out your FaceBook page and find those photos of you, but it will also make you less obvious to your AFCO staff who may peruse this site and pick up on bits and pieces you tell us but not them, eg your fetish for Singaporian Ladyboys.:slow:
  5. Thanks man
  6. Ninja_Stoker

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    Unfortunately the retrospective phrase "strike whilst the iron is hot" springs to mind, because the current waiting times equate to about another 9 jobs to "try out" before a likely joining date as a Seaman Specialist.

    This may help with your preparations:

    Best of luck.

    Oooh ta. Noted.
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  7. You done well but could have did better by asking the army to take you on board. Try to be a Seaman instead of a Seaman Specialist
  8. Are you drunk again?
  9. so an Electrician apprenticeship is now only about 3 months?, then a sales assistant and chef ?, more likely you sold a George Foreman grill to your mum then stuck a new 3 pin plug on it.
  10. He didn't mention fireman so he wired the plug correctly

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