Little Black Baby


War Hero
Little black baby dies in the most horrendous of car accidents.
He soon finds himself standing at the pearly gates waiting for St Peter to greet him
'Come in my son' says St P. 'Welcome to heaven, we were expecting you'.
Little black baby takes his hand and they skip off over the clouds together, little black baby loves his new home, its warm, peaceful and not a car in sight.
St P, takes him to fill in his resident forms etc (as you do in heaven)(apparently), and shows him the application forms for Angels.
Little black baby decides he would love to be an Angel and return to earth to protect the unfortunate so he fills in the form and to his suprise is granted the post immediatley.St Peter takes little black baby to be measured for wings. They fit perfectly and little black baby looks up to St Peter with tears in his eyes, he is so proud to have been chosen and vows not to let St Peter down.
St Peter walks little black baby back to the gates and just as he is about to return to earth he turns to St P and asks 'am i really an angel now?'
St Peter replies 'are you fcuk, your a bat now p1ss off'!