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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Mods please delete this thread............Froggers has got it rolling
  2. This is the worst kind of terrorism, worse than 'homegrown' bearded breathren even....... If he has Irish Republican tendencies, he needs to look at the bigger picture. Does this leprechaun honestly think Russia would spare Ireland out of the entire UK ?
    And to do so wearing a navy uniform.Deport him to Russia, let him live off the fruits of communism with some fat mamma in a sub-zero grey highrise. One less tosser for our secret services to worry about.
  3. Naw, leave it up.

    Safe place for Taloopy-Taloolah to appear and crayon (Terrorism? Breathren? Communist Russia?) :roll:
  4. Takes ya back don't it ?
  5. Heard one story about a bloke in the 60's took some confid comms stuff to the Russian embassy.......'no thanks' they said...'We've already got them'
  6. Can't wait 'til tomorrows edition.................'Royal Naval Captain spied for Russians'
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  7. Wait until the Sun on Sunday comes out, it'll be a kiddly fiddling Rear Admiral who runs a vice den complete with pictures of hookers with their baps out.
  8. The wail refers to him serving on HMS Rake.
    "Haands to harbour sattions , haaands to harbour stations!

    That would make waves in St Buttocks.
  9. Promoted again
  10. It certainly is. Nobody shot, nothing blown up, no plans to do either, no communities of civilians living in fear of his actions. This guy is the worst terrorist ever. He's just rubbish. Almost as if this isn't terrorism at all.
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