List of Naval Ships being built around the world


War Hero
Interesting to see how many SSK/SSN's are being built, especially by the Frogs. Obviously their Government has the b*llocks ours is sadly missing.


War Hero
Very interesting. French sub due dates bit strange as cover dates upto 2024 8O

Scary amount subs being built

Indian figures show a complete overhaul by the look of it. and a carrier thrown in for good measure


War Hero
It's interesting to see the UK is building some for other countries also.

Which is only a good thing for the shipbuilding industry


War Hero
Nor will you find any sensible costings for them anywhere.

Tim Coltons website is a gem - do a search in it for "is this acceptable? and you'll find pictures of the Americans latest LPD class ($1.5Bn of gash). It's not just the UK and Big And Expensive Ships that have problems...

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