List of MCM 10's

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Does anybody remember the names and dates of the various MCM 10's?


Seemed like a good idea at the time......


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Dredging the old memory cells, those ones not destroyed by alcohol that is, I can recall the following:

McCaskill 85 - 87 ish : a tyrant who was murdered by his own son.
Bartlett 89 /90 ish : great MCM 10, hands-on leader - died a few years ago while in his first term as mayor of Gosport
Padwick - a genuine gentleman well liked and respected by his staff
Marshall 92 - end : the antithesis of his predecessor


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dunkers said:
For those of us currently in the RNR who weren't even born then, can you explain what MCM10 was?
MCM 10 = Commander of 10th Mine Counter Measures Squadron
10 MCM = 10th Mine Counter Measures Squadron

The ships of the 10 MCM were stationed around the UK at the RNR STCs (Sea Training Centres) and manned by reservists drawn from the STCs, supplemented by personnel from the inland CTCs (Comms Training Centres). To ensure maintenance of naval standards, the ships of the 10 MCM were overseen by MCM 10 and his squadron staff, all regular RN or RNR on long-term FTRS (Capt Mark Wyatt of KA did such a posting as a Lt-Cdr for a while). MCM 10 staff were also responsible for co-ordinating squadron units' participation in Exercises for their annual training.
A bit late to be adding to this thread but I've only just joined (What, adrift again?).

Looking at my Bridge Log and trawling my sieve-like memory I can add the following notes.

Derek (?) Ancona, aka Hissing Sid, was the first RN MCM10, having been RNSO of CLYDE Division. I think he was appointed in 1979 or 1980, because he signed me off in HMS PETREL in April 1978 and was MCM10 by September 1980. Prior to then, the Senior RNR CO for an Exercise was appointed MCM10 for the duration; subsequently the appointment was as SROA (Senior Reserve Officer Afloat).

Charles Wylie was in post in July 1981, when he ran an Exercise based in Portland with the cooperation of the FOSTties, to demonstrate that the TON class (and the RNR) could be deployed effectively in a CB (we didn't cover the N bit) environment. I had HMS LALESTON which still had an open bridge, which made conning (down a voicepipe) in a cloud of CS amusing.

He was followed by Simon McCaskill, about whom I feel I should say nothing, on the principle of 'de mortuis nil nisi bonum'.
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