List of Crew on board "Good Hope"

Discussion in 'History' started by Johnnybach, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Is there a muster roll of the men on board H. M. S. "Good Hope", which sank at the Battle of Coronel, please?

    I'm hoping (a vague hope, perhaps!) to find more about a man when all I know about him at the moment is his surname, "Rowe" and that he served on the "Good Hope". Oh, I do know two other things about him, he lived in Bexhill, Sussex where he had a brother, Leading Boatman Rowe, in the Bexhill Coastguards. Not much and, perhaps, not much chance but one never knows.

    The information I have given, comes from the local newspaper's report of the battle and that's all they tell me about the man.

    Also, I know how to find the service records of soldiers (via Ancestry, for instance) but have no idea if there's a similar, on-line website for sailors.

    I'd be grateful for any help.
  2. Hi Scouse,

    Thanks for the information. I'm writing an article for the local, Bexhill Museum - for their WW1 Exhibition next year and the article has to be finished and submitted before Christmas - unfortunately the one this year!

    You said that there are three Rowes in the book so it sounds as if you have a copy. If so, as I don't have time to buy one, could I ask for what other information it gives on these three men, please? It's not meanness, honest, it's the shortage of time - I've made a note never, ever, to volunteer in the future ---but I, probably will!

    Thanks again,

  3. Was referring to these three from the casualties list....not book!!!!! ROWE, Frank C, Leading Stoker, 227513 (Po) ROWE, John, Leading Seaman, 232049 (Po) ROWE, Joseph F, Petty Officer, 179707 (Po)
  4. Hi Scouse,

    Sorry about the "Book" as opposed to "Casualty List" - you didn't say and it wasn't clear. Thanks for what you've sent but, unfortunately, there's nothing to tell me which one is man I'm looking for! That's life! I shall now give up as I'm about to send off what I've written and hope there's nothing more wanted before Christmas!

    Thanks again, and a Merry Christmas,

  5. Have you looked at the Census?
  6. Hello Soleil,

    Now I have first names, I've looked at the censuses for 1901 and 1911, for each man, but with no luck - there's nothing there to tell me if I've found the right man. The problem is that I really don't know anything about him. I don't know where he lived or where he was born and I have no idea as to his age - not much of a chance, I would say, of finding him but I thought it worth a try!

    The local Bexhill newspaper, in an article in 1914, just gives his surname - no rating no age no information - other than he had a brother in the Bexhill Coastguard - but again no first name, no age.

    Another problem is that he could have been born anywhere and moved into the Bexhill area just a few years before 1914. I was hoping that a muster roll or such would give his first name and where he came from but it doesn't seem likely. The man listed on the Official 1911 census website came from East Grinstead, in Sussex, some 40 miles away - possible, but can't prove it.

    I suppose that his Attestation papers, if they exist, would give much more info but there isn't time before Christmas and I shall have moved on after.

    I can always come back to research him, later.

    Thanks for your help, everyone - I did make some progress but not as much as I hoped - that's what happens!

  7. Right! Soleil,

    I'll have a look tomorrow, after tonight's party - thanks for that. I'll see what I can find.

    Oh, and I don't think it's too early - a Merry Christmas to all!


  8. John,

    Hope this helps...

    Name John Rowe
    Rank Ldg Smn
    Birth 12th November 1887
    Birth Place Denmead, Hampshire
    Branch of Service Royal Navy
    Cause of death: Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action
    Official Number Port Division 232049 (Po)
    Death date 1st November 1914
    Ship/Unit HMS GOOD HOPE
    Location of grave: Not recorded.
    Cemetery: Body not recovered for burial.
    Relatives Notified: Widow. Florence F of Powerscourt Rd, Copnor. Portsmouth.

    1891 Census: Piece 943 Folio 32 Page 9

    Name John Rowe
    Age 3
    Birth year abt 1888
    Relationship Son
    Fathers name George Rowe
    Mothers name Harriet C Rowe
    Gender Male
    Where Born Hambledon, Hampshire, England
    Ecclesiastical parish:Hambledon and Denmead All Saints

    1911 census
    Piece 4773

    Name: Stephen Rowe
    Age in 1911 37
    Birth year abt 1874
    Gender Male
    Birth Place: Hambledon, Hampshire
    Civil Parish: Bexhill
    County/Island: SussexCountry England
    Street Address 5, Coast Guards Station, Bexhill, Sussex.
    Marital Status: Married
    Coast Guard Boatman
    Registration District:Battle
    Registration District Number 70 Sub District Bexhill

    1881 census Piece 1238 Folio 30 Page 14
    Stephen Rowe
    Age 7 Gender Male
    Father George Rowe
    Mother Harriet C Rowe
    Born Hambledon, Hampshire
    Street Address Pipers Hill, Hambledon
    Occ: Scholar.

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  9. Hi Sweetpea,

    I think you've done it! It just goes to show what can be done! Just from a man's surname and not a lot else, you've found him ---- and, I've no doubt, his family!

    Absolutely brilliant1 I really didn't expect that!

    I'm afraid I just don't have enough exclamation marks!

    Thanks Sweetpea - and my thanks to all who also chipped in - I'm very grateful.

  10. Glad to be of help and
    happy to send you copies of the original census returns as they list ALL family members and info. Please PM your email and, I will send all copies to you for your own records.


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  11. Funny you mention the Good Hope. I was only just talking to. A mate here in town about it the other week.
    His Grand Father went down on her. Able seamen Crook.
  12. from the casualties list.. CROOK, Albert G, Able Seaman (RFR B 5113), 196640 (Po)

  13. Cheers Scouse. :thumbright:

    From the RN & RM War Graves Roll 1914-1919.

    Albert George Crook
    Rank: AB
    Date of Birth: 21 Mar 1882
    Birth Place: Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire.
    Branch of Service: Royal Navy.
    Cause of Death: Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action.
    Official Number Port Division: 196640. (R.F.R.PO.B.5113) (Po)
    Date of Death: 1 Nov 1914.
    Ship or Unit: HMS GOOD HOPE.
    Location of Grave: Not recorded.
    Name of Cemetery: Body Not Recovered For Burial.
    Relative Notified: Wife: Ellen A, 88, West Street, Southsea, Hants.


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