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Jenny - I still don't understand - sorry (I'm being a bit thick, obviously!). Can you elaborate?

RM - I note my honourable friend's intervention, and refer him back to the "Unallocated" appendage to each URNU name, rather than a unit.

GCYZ - yes it is. They have been directly under BRNC Dartmouth for almost 10 years now, with no connection (other than nomenclature) to the RNR whatsoever. As COMMARRes stands up, as part of FOSNNI, the URNUs remain under FOTR and the Midshipman will be "Midshipman URNU", not "Midshipman RNR". Same with the SLts and Lts as well.

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I don't see why they shouldn't be left as List 7 and List 8 RNR. They didn't come under DNRes before, they won't come under ComMarRes now, so there's no difference. I'm sure there must be some legal implications to their not being officially in the RNR, e.g. Naval Discipline Act, etc.
The site is growing quite quickly so the boards will expand to fit. I think the best bet it to petition a mod if you want a new board and they can tell us to do it in the bat cave (the hidden mods' board). That way there's no stinking pongo making decisions!
Clarification (I forget that most people don't know about how this forum stuff works. I had no idea either untill all this started):

If you want more / changed boards 'petition a mod' means send a personal message / otherwise grab one of the site moderators. The moderators' names are under the names of each of the boards on the main forum index page. They run the site and will tell one of the admins (me / Bad CO) to change things if they think your request is a good one.