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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Chaps,
    Being Pongos, GCO and myself clearly have no real idea what boards we should have on here. I've made a stab at a few but am completely open to suggestions. We do want to keep the number down to start with as otherwise they'll just look very poor with nothing in them! I think a maximum of 10 wil be sufficient until we can get the site going.
    So what boards do we need?
  2. The Messdeck could be like the arrse version of Naafi, 2 charlie bathrooms for toilet humuor (anyone been on carriers will understand why!).

    A fishheads section for the cod heads and stokers etc.

    Royal Marines (if any can stand the critisicm when they post!)
    Stores bashers
  3. The idea was that the Quarterdeck was the equivalent of the Naafi - I was told that was the correct term?

    Are you saying that we should replace our current boards of The Fleet/Submariners/RM/Fleet Air Arm with the ones you suggest above?
  4. Not necessarily just trying to give you some ideas, maybe put it to a vote of what ohters who join think.
  5. I think merge the stores and the stewards, let's face it both are pretty useless. One for the stokers? Reserves and cadets? Old and bold, let's keep the tales of what it was like on the Tiger class and how we don't have real ships away from normal people :)

    Other than that maybe some of the boards by rank/rate, history, films all that stuff.
  6. If the TA get 'aboard' in another place then perhaps you might want to keep the RNR in a quiet corner.
  7. Good point - RNR board added
  8. As a former Sea Cadet (please don't copy that back to might I respectfully request a forum for the junior matelots :D

    Edit to add: Thank You :)
  9. How about part of ship? ounds stupid I know but thats how work is sectioned out onboard. Try FX, AX and I can never remember what top part was :oops:

    Or Gangway, Thursday war, diving store, Hanger, Bridge, OST, BOST, Ops Room?

    Or Depo, HMS Drake, HMS Nelson?

    Just a few I know :oops:
  10. Since more of us are now going shore side on operations and many have little knowledge of how things run in an Army HQ in Basra or Khabul, how about a forum to discuss land based issues that we may come across?
  11. Sort of like a PJHQ-zone, or (perhaps) the purple room? :lol:
  12. Somewhere for the RFA perhaps?
  13. I like Flynavy's idea of having the mess deck as the equivalent of the NAAFI bar, but would like to suggest the "Bear Pit" (that's the Stokers' mess deck) might make a good place to put the more "ideosyncratic" material.
  14. Which board would training issues be based in? e.g. "What aftershave should I bring to Dartmouth?" etc...
  15. FunkyBear,

    There was talk of a training-type board. As of yet, nothing has been forthcoming, but I will ask the CO if the training board is likely to be the next addition.

  16. How about something for the URNU guys (University Royal Naval Units). Roughly equivalent to the OTC but technically members of the RNR so either in the Sea cadets board, as the OTC are at arrse, or in the RNR board. Any thoughts?
  17. In the RNR board surely 8O Was just posting same idea :wink:
  18. How about the mess deck having sections like 30mm, Wrens mess, 3ZA etc?
  19. Further to the above, the board I was referring to was the one suggested by Jenny Dabber here as a careers advice along with recruiting questions...

    Hope to see a development in the near future.

  20. I am assured the URNU are full of good looking women, so I'll be following them :twisted:

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