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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. I am trying to find the current whereabouts of an oil painting of Commander JW Linton VC.It originally hung in the wardroom at Dolphin but where is it now?
    It is not at Blockhouse,Raleigh or the RN trophy store.Any ideas??
  2. Any idea of size? There's something unnamed in the RNSMS that I could look at later. Apparently somebody was locked up some time ago for pinching paintings from Dolphin...
  3. They tried to sell it to someone who knew where it came from.
  4. Sorry I do not know exact dimensions,but the picture was three quarter length.I called the RNSMS this morning and they had a look in the heritage area but could not find it.I also called Blockhouse and the RN trophy store but again failed to find it.Could it be in Faslane or a wardroom somewhere?
  5. Kind of curious to know why you're trying to locate it. Does it have some particular sentiment?

  6. I have a naval history blog dedicated to him.

    The portrait is the only image in colour of him!

    This is the Wanklyn portrait when it was used for a book cover .It too was also at Dolphin.I would imagine both portraits would have been moved when Dolphin was handed over to the medics.[​IMG]
  7. I was Vice Pres in the WO & Sr's Mess in Dolphin and it hung in the foyer there. I left in 1998 and it was there when I left. There were many visits to the mess by others to put bids in for some of the items. (Not Private bids but for other messes). I think it might be in one of the messes at Faslane or the Submarine Museum. (or even the wardroom at Raleigh)

    I remember on the back of the frame it had a largish white sticker with the words "War Artists" in red. There was also what liked like a dart hole in the canvas. We were told that that had happenned whilst it hung in the wardroom at Dolphin prior to our mess having it.
  8. That was a watercolour of Blockhouse by an artist called Wylie.
  9. Nigaramus thank you for the info.I don't suppose you can remember who the artist was?The Wanklyn portrait was done by a well known artist and was commissioned by his brother officers.I know nothing about the origins of the Linton picture but it appears from the small photograph I have seen of it to be a copy of a very similar photograph.
  10. Sorry!!
  11. Has anybody from North of the border seen it then?
  12. You could try try ringing the Naval Base Cdr's, Cdr's or 1st Lt's office at Clyde Naval Base, Faslane via the base switchboard (01436 674321).
  13. Hope this is of use - pg 14 of link :-

    B23/14/92 oil painting
    Small oil painting of Commander Linton VC: the painting shows Linton standing with his hands folded at
    the waist, wearing dress uniform. The portrait only shows him to the waist. At the top is painted 'COM. J.W.
    LINTON. RN. H.M.S. TURBULENCE.'. Next to it is painted the medal (Victoria Cross, unribboned) which
    he received. This is in a wooden frame. On the back is written in pen, '8" x 6" Submarine Depot Comd J.W.
    Linton RN VC HMS Turbulence 1939-45 War Lost on Active Service'. Underneath this is stuck two
    clippings from a newspaper, the first a picture of Linton and second the VC he received. It is these that were
    obviously copied in the painting.

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