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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lingyai, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Good for a lively bit of banter

  2. Truly a bigoted dinosaur

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  3. Taxi for Ling

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  4. I'd go out for a few beers with him

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  1. Just out of interest (and because I am stuck offshore and need to feel part of something) I would like to run a poll.
    I know I have crossed swords with some people on here and opinion varies as to whether or not I deserved my oxygen thief banner so I thought it might be interesting to run this poll.
    Gloves off lads and ladesses, be honest, I've got broad shoulders...
  2. Well some people like living on the edge more than others.

    Didn't vote because I wanted to select three of the choices, any guesses for the one that was left.

  3. Beer? :(
  4. Wrong, I would be quirte happy to have a Singa with you, especially if you wre buying.

  5. Come on down..... all RR are welcome in the city of angels, I'll get the first round in, beers or ladyboys, up to you :twisted:
  6. I wanted to vote for the top and bottom one but it would'nt let me :roll: :twisted:
  7. Me too!

    We don't always see eye to aye on things, probably because like Nutty, I'm a fundamentalist liberal, but freedom of speech means exchanging differing opinions: the very lifeblood of democracy! It would be a very sad day were it ever to cease. I'd happily buy you a gallon of Sheppy's scrumpy and watch you drink it in one go! :)

    I would like to see you re-oxygenated, in the interests of free speech, even if you did have the misfortune to be a target. :twisted:
  8. I'd hoist a few with ya, Ling.

    You like watery American p*ss-water???
  9. Sure Uncle Sam why not, just as long as it is in Hooters :p
  10. I would certainley hoist a few with ling,read all his quotes cant see the oxygen thing at all,I know Moderators do a good job , BUT,why cant they say whats wrong so that everyone benefits, same with the missing thread, why cant they explain themselves ?a MOD is there to guide us surely,perhaps they dont believe in free speech unless it suits them,so come along Mods explain your reasons.
  11. Hold on there sunny :lol: (I know I know)

    Don't label us all with the same stick, Ling has been advised to approach the MOD in question and he knows who it is. If that MOD has taken the route of not explaining then that is down to them. However, there is a choice that he can make, leave it be and you might see the Oxy label vanish or make some sort of complaint regarding this to the CO's.

    Ling, by now I think people have gathered where exactly you were pinged annoying people. I for one find you amusing, however, making statements in certain areas that you are not contributing to with knowledge but only hits, this is where you may have gone wrong don't you think? (Try the RNR maybe or the sea cadets)

    I'd meet up with you for a drink or two; however, moaning like a child who didn't get the lolly won't help.
  12. I have had a spat with ya mate, however, I am big enough and man enough to consider it banter, which is something I love.

    I will have a beer with ya mate. In fact, I would have a beer with anyone. Even the gaypride mob. ;-) :)
  13. I think you may have not have made a good first impression

    I've seen no problems on this board - but then almost anything is acceptable here :lol:
  14. Coming from you, I could believe it :lol:

    Cosmopolitan any one?
  15. Can't beat a Truly a bigoted dinosaur to have a pint or six with

    Luv ya lots Nutty
  16. By Jove I think you're right, I bet it was those RNR boys.......
    If we went for a drink you'd be the one who was moaning.....after getting the lolipop :oops: 8O Ok, I know......TAXI !
    Me too mate, just so long as it isn't sex on the beach, or sex on the quarterdeck, they can look but can't touch. I know I am a tease..... :p
    Aw shucks :wink: I love all you RR guys, even my old nemesis Levers, anyone know where he has gone???????
  17. Even criminals get out of jail eventually and besides free speech is the right of us all - even if not everyone wants to hear what you have to say!!

    Time you were repreived my friend.

  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Oh, I'm still here, don't worry. I've voted you as a bigoted old dinosaur, by the way.

  19. I Knew I could count on you.... 8O
  20. It would be an interesting, nay, amusing run ashore, Ling.
    There's not many with a sense of humour on here.

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