Lindsay Lohan


Lantern Swinger
So little Lindsay Lohan is getting sent to jail. Hmmmm would I like to be a fly on that cell wall when some big butch criminal has her wicked way with her. All that crying what a shite actress. So gent's how would punish these stars who seem to get away with everything. Come on lets get creative I say public flogging and caning flowed by being made to listen to Des O'Connor records. :wink: :D
Your far to soft Tug, O'Connor is far to mild a taste for this young hussy. May i suggest torture by Wogans Floral dance played on repeat


Lantern Swinger
soapy you are right I am getting soft I think Rolf harris songs on repeat. Not me chief hmmm like that idea you can have first dibs as long as I can back scuttle her first . Sterling sterling good idea the slower more painful the better.
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