Lindsay Lohan flashes her norks

lol what? Must just be my taste - want my next chick anorexic, the winner is the thinner etc.

Waste of a brick? God damn Zoid...what girls do you meet? and more importantly can I crack onto them, drug them and drag them home?
There's a picture on the net somewhere of her getting out of a car and flashing her stinking fishy ginger gash......can't find it as I'm at work.....fukking MoD Security Policy! How is looking at kunt all day a risk to security? Fukking kunt faced MoD kunts!!
I have the same problem RJ, I reckon the MoD purity police have phot's of themselves being bum fcuked to death and are scared they'll make it onto daily orders
I tell you what's a fukking disgrace! I've just read this interesting article on Defence cutbacks and thought it very apposite to my current rant (read the kunt later, it's boring as fukk in reality!):

Anyway, my objection is as follows; in this day and age of serious financial cutbacks in Defence spending where we see the scenario of deployed troops in Afghan and formerly Iraq failing to be supplied with the correct equipment to help preserve their lives whilst the kunt faced kunting kunter MP's are violently dry bumming the British taxpayers out of their hard earned wonga to furnish their own fukking lavish lifestyles, how can it be right that some nameless kiddy fiddling civil servant (who probably still lives at home with his ageing Mother who still tucks him up in bed everynight and sucks him off into the bargain whilst he sniffs her stinking gusset slurrey stained knicks) can implement an MoD security policy that restricts me from sitting at my fukking desk all day looking at pictures of kunt? HOW IS THIS FUKKING RIGHT? I fukking tell you, I get paid 45 grand a year to come and sit in this fukking office for at least three forenoons a week (if we're particularly snowers) and to have my basic human rights denied.....well I fukking tell gets my fukking kunting goat! I frequently get demonic sexual urges and voices in my head telling me to wack off at work, however the fukking restrictions on my internet access are a an outrageous infringement of my access to hard core dildo and lesbo kunt sucking for animal filth....fukking forget it!! What is the fukking world coming to I ask you? IT'S A FUKKING OUTRAGE!!
WreckerL and RJ type into google images. with safe search off.

"lezpoo" its a filthy fucking site that MoD policy doesnt stop.

So viewing is made even better by the fact that there is a flaw in there shitey security.

enjoy. :twisted:
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