"Linda Gilroy MP visits HMS Raleigh"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. http://www.politics.co.uk/mps/press-releases/party-politics/labour/linda-gilroy-mp-visits-hms-raleigh-$1354085.htm
  2. Why doesn't she fight for abolishion of council tax for the armed forces, something that is taken from their pay when they are in fact exempt from paying any.
  3. That doesn't really make sense. Any exemption would be due to government policy, so if service personnel are exempt the 'fight' has already been won? Your comment suggests that the government have made a policy which is not being adhered to.

    I think.
  4. IIRC service personnel ended up having to pay this type of tax because of M.Thatcher's introduction of Poll Tax...
  5. I'm not sure that is the case Polto. I can't remember having anything deducted from my pay pre-council tax - could be wrong though as the old mind's a tad addled.

    Hasten to add I'm not trying to defend the evilbitchwhore, and also I don't really see why people should have a problem paying a very nominal amount when they are using the facilities in an area.
  6. I think you misunderstood my post. Allow me to clarify by expanding on it: Ahem:
    Before the introduction of the poll tax, (by M.Thatcher and her team), the average service person living in barracks was not subject to 'rates' as the local tax was then called. Upon introduction of the said poll tax, service personnel had to pay as it was a tak 'on the head' rather than the property. As a consequence of this, service personnel living in barracks are still required to pay a local tax, now known as 'council tax'.
  7. Gotcha :thumbleft:

    My mistake - see your point.
  8. No one living in Secretary of State for Defence owned property is required to pay council tax, all state for defence owned property is exempt. This means quarters and barracks.

    The government being shits have decided that they will though pay a contribution.

    No link required, it is splattered all over the internet in government and council websites.

    Not required, forced to.
  9. Interesting point. Wasn't aware of that, must have a look. Thanks.
  10. Hmmm - me too also aswell...
  11. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Still off-topic but on the Council Tax issue, it is perfectly true that service accommodation in England, Wales and Scotland is exempt from the council tax regime - as is service accommodation outwith the UK, of course.

    The official line is that this allows a uniform rate to be charged irrespective of the local authority area. Whether fair or not, CILOCT is a legal charge in accordance with service terms and conditions. The MoD says that it pays to the local authorities an annual sum roughly equivalent to what it takes in in CILOCT within UK, in addition to which it provides some services directly which would otherwise be provided by the local authority.

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