Hi, I am in the process of applying for Engineering Technician SM. I have my medical in a few weeks, I have been doing the lighterlife diet to lose weight. I used to be 16.8 stones now im 11.8 stones. Im wondering if the presence of keytones in my urine will affect my application. The keytones are a result of only having 500 calories per day and my body being in ketosis.

Any help is much appreciated.


Keytones should only be in urine if you are drawing it, or editing a picture of it with Photoshop.

Ketones are a byproduct of protein catabolism and, longterm, this mode of cellular respiration is harmful. Lighterlife will not have told you this. Fad diets are for short periods only. As you have reached a healthy weight now I'd strongly recommend resuming a healthy diet. Low carb diets put you at increased cancer risk and really should only be used as a last resort.

I'd bet your bloods will be slightly abnormal too - this is more likely to cause a fail.

RN Medical Officer
Thankyou for the swift response. I find the CBT and Transactional Analysis that lighterlife counsellors give to be extremely helpfull and has changed my entire relationship with food. i no longer crave high carb foods, eat when im bored or eat when im not hungry. In fact it has improved my life considerably and this leads me to believe that, to me, its not a fad diet. And my own GP is happy to sign my form every 4 weeks. Anyway, i will take your advice. Am i right in thinking that in the space of a month everything would return to 'normal' presuming there are no other problems.

Thanks again.


Time will tell if things return to normal - the only thing you should assume is an NBCD state.

Personally, I don't mind what people do to lose weight but the thing about 500 kcal per day diets (no matter how much therapy etc goes on) is that 500 kcal is insufficient intake for the human male or female body. You will have to go "normal" at some stage (recommend now) and you have to hope all the CBT malarky (which sounds like willpower to me) works.

When you get to RALEIGH or BRNC you will consume 3000 kcal per day minimum. That's quite an insult to a body used to 500 kcal so you need to start seeing what happens to your weight when you eat normally again. I hope you've been doing phys.

I can save you a fortune:
[Weight Loss] = [Calories Out] > [Calories In]

Eat less, do more phys. Cost is nil - you may even save by buying less food / booze.

And it is that simple, because I did it before I joined.
Thankyou again for the advice, I have been doing lots of cardio and resistance work, which goes against all the advice i have been given. Apparently my lack of calories during excercise leads my body to burn muscle? i can manage the run and im very close to managing the situps and pressups.

once again, thanks.
Thanks sgtpepperband for reminding me why I have watched these forums for months and never posted. Obviously my mistake for asking for advice. I do apologise.

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