ligament damage?

two years ago i damaged my "antirear crutiate?" ligament and went to see a specialist who gave me several options, a few weeks later i found out i had been referd to surgary for the ligament without my say so, i refused the surgery and carryed on with my phyisio therapy and the knee is fine. i regulary comlete the fitness test with no problems at navy cadets.
however im woried this refural to surgery will stop entry into the RN,
could anyone with knowlege of the medical section of aplication just state the facts to me, as knowbody seems to be able to be able to give me a strait answer anywere.



Tricky one. First - you will be attacked by the spelling and grammar brigade, of which I am a member. It's not complicated to sort out straight from strait, nobody from knowbody, worried from woried, etc. I am amazed at this - if I wrote that in primary school I'd have been in trouble.

Anyway, onto the problem. There are 2 ligaments in the knee which hold the joint together internally - the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. Damage to these ligaments (usually the anterior one) results in a degree of instability of the knee. In a non-physically active population this is not an issue - if you were a 50 year old desk worker who didn't do any phys then it's not worth getting it repaired. If, however, you are a young fit person who regularly does exercise then it is important that it is repaired. This is why you were referred for operative treatment, and you really should have asked to see the orthopaedic surgeons again instead of huffing when you were put on an operation list without being told. It's manners apart from anything, although I accept you bore the result of poor communication from the hospital - not the first time that has happened!

However, you are at a sticky wicket. With your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptured, despite the fact you can run, you will fail the recruitment medical. Repair will not guarantee entry though - you will need a full assessment by a Service orthopaedic surgeon one year after the operation to see if you can join or not. There are various surgical methods, and only some are acceptable.

In any case, with the assumption you are young fit and healthy, I would strongly recommend getting the ligament repaired as your knee will not be stable enough to participate in any kind of regular sport without it. Physiotherapy is good, but it will not repair a ruptured ligament. Ask your GP to re-refer you to the knee surgeons and they'll plonk you on an operation list.

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