War Hero
The other day, I was getting into an elevator. As I
entered, a lovely blonde already inside greeted me by
saying, "T - G - I - F."

I smiled at her and replied, "S - H - I - T."

She looked at me, puzzled, and said again, "T - G - I - F."

I acknowledged her remark once more by answering,
"S - H - I - T."

The blonde was trying to be friendly, so she smiled her
biggest smile and said to me as sweetly as possibly,
"T - G - I - F" one more time.

Then I smiled back at her and once again replied with a
quizzical statement, "S - H - I - T."

The blonde, finally deciding to explain, said,
"T - G - I - F, Thank Goodness It's Friday.....get it?"

I answered back, "S - H - I - T.......
Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday."