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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. If you had not joined up and suffered rum, buggery and the lash - what would you have become? I was either going to be an archaeologist (liked diggin' stuff up and had a monumental collection of fossils), or I'd have been a Navigating Occifer in the Merchant Navy (but it would've cost too much and we were poor folk). Strange how things turn out. Did you have another idea as to how you would've spent your working life other than roaming around the oceans, getting pissed and shagged in every country that had a dockyard? Over to you.
  2. There was full employment when I left school, and round where I lived there were lots of big factories like Hawker Sidley, Ferranties, Avros (exc sp) and their reps came round the schools recruiting, I met my best mate at school a couple of years ago, he ended up working for Lees brewery, then started his own burglar alarm company( smart move in Manchester) married a local girl, life revolved around pub football, Saturday nights out , the usual stuff civvies got up to, I would probably have gone down a similar path.
  3. A Doctor of Zoology roaming all over the world finding new species in exotic places was the big ambition when I went to grammar school but alas academic achievement failed to match hope.So still with one eye on the exotic places I joined the mob where I never found any new species but certainly met some very different ones.
  4. Army probably. Failing that with my looks a model or porn star I would imagine.
  5. I've seen those films where they use fat ugly fuckers with essence birds. Good thinking.:thumbup:
  6. The fat bit offends me.
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  7. Well come to the gym with me we'll soon have it off.
    The fat....not sex.
    I put that in as this forum has no privacy you know, I swear that fuckin wrecker and sharky see everything thats written.
    Talk about fuckin spys in Belgium.=D
  8. Fuck off. I know how much rohipnal you buy each year. I'll end up getting fucked by some demented old twat whilst he dribbles down my back.
  9. Some people in Hamburg pay more for those kind of services.
  10. Back on thread, I come from a navy family so it was always on the cards even though we were miles from the sea plus I grew up in an army town with a crab base on the outskirts so knew those two arms were not for me.

    If the mob hadn't worked out my Dad was going to get me an office job in London, thank fuck the mob were shorthanded and needed all they could get.
  11. Well stop hanging around down the derby and Joan and come out with some real men.
    Rohipnals for loosers.......oh and divers who carry too much weight.^_~
  12. My weight helps every Saturday when I smash into the opposition. I'll keep it thanks.
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'd have carried on working for my Dad, would ultimately have taken over the running of the company and probably be very rich now.......... oh well!
  14. Why not now, been dis inherited?
    Well you can fuck off I'm not charitable.=D
  15. I would have ended up in Oz as my bro wanted me to go with him up the outback farming sheep.
    Fuck that there wasn't any good lookin buggers and a world of endless thing waiting to bite you.
    If I'd stayed in civvy street here in UK then I think I would have been a dodgy fucker as I am easily led into trouble.
    Realistically I would have taken over my dads gun shop and ended up poor.
  16. I was destined for the Merchant Naval college at South Shields, had a place at a specialist school for pre edumacation!! But dear ole dad wouldn't sign the papers for me to board so bang went my first choice!

    Second was the 'Mob', this time lesson learned. My dad, all 5'6" of him was slightly overpowered by the 6' + RM CSgt from Gunner House, Newcastle who visited home to get my old man to sign the forms required to join the RN.

    The rest as they say is thingy - wotsit - History!!!
  17. Paramedic, nurse or, if I'd made the decision early and worked hard enough, maybe even a doctor (of medicine).

    Not going down that route (those routes?) is a huge regret of mine, and I'm still toying with the idea of possibly trying to get my foot in the door of one of the first two, though my age is very much against me so I need to 'toy' a bit more swiftly I suppose.

  18. Not if you'd opened a branch in Moss side you wouldnt
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  19. I had a young gun walk into the shop one day, opens a grip and puts a Stirling machine gun and a fuckin colt automatic on the counter.
    What will I get for these he asks me.
    About ten fuckin years if your caught I answered.
    He puts them back in the bag, looks me in the eye, states "You are so not fuckin funny" and walks out.
    Two days later I went to the outside shit house ( a thing I tried to avoid as it was full of fuckin spiders) and there they was dumped behind the door. I surrendered them to the old bill and got about ten thousand and ten fuckin questions that took the Pratt's the best part of two days to ask.
  20. I was accepted as a ground trades trainee by BEA (yes, that long ago) and by the GPO as a clerk. Then I got a young lady from Benbow Street into trouble as they say, so ran to the recruiting office thinking they could get me away from an angry father and two firking great brothers within days to Singapore, Hong Kong or somewhere equally exotic. Alas, they couldn't - I got seven bells of shite kicked out of me and went anyway. Rarely regretted it.

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