Life Whilst Studying as an Officer Cadet

Discussion in 'RFA' started by GinjaNinja, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello all,
    I have passed the AIB and the next step is Dartmouth, so long as my references go through.
    But wait this isn't yet another thread about life at Dartmouth!
    Part of the training programme as an Officer Cadet in Engineering is studying a Foundation course in Southampton.
    I am looking for information regarding accommodation whilst studying at Southampton.
    Is it subsidised, already set up as part of the training programme or my own responsibility to organise?
    The reason I am asking is because I'm currently living in Chippenham and the train fares are £30 per day and I am looking at ensuring I can afford to live whilst studying at the same time.
    Any information would come in really handy.
    Thanks alot.
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  2. Chippenham, Wiltshire? >2hrs each way on the train. I don't think you'll be commuting.

    Your joining instructions will include details of college accommodation, which it is probably up to you to book and arrange, and you will certainly be paying. Fees etc. are on the college website.

    Hint: look for Warsash, not Southampton.
  3. Ginja

    Warsash is holding an Open Day on March 8th 2013 - one of the things visitors can do on that day is look around the accommodation on offer. Could you ask about going along?

    Careers Open Days | Events | News & Events | Warsash Maritime Academy
  4. The RFA doesn't just use Warsash and the majority of cadets go to Fleetwood which certainly is too far to commute.
  5. As an engineering cadet I thought the complete course was at Warsash?
    Thanks for the information looks like I need to load up excel and budget everything to prepare
  6. At Fleetwood you are required to spend your first phase in the halls of residence, which I think costs £110 a week. As an engineering cadet you will have longer college phases (as compaired with a deck cadet).
  7. Ooh hang on, do students have to pay fees?
  8. I think our tuition is all paid for as we do the return of service to "thank" them for that haha.

    But I was looking at Fleetwood and from what I gathered we have to pay for accommodation and food and the like, but as far as I can tell that's the only thing that will be incurring any costs. Which in all fairness, given the fact we're drawing a yearly salary it shouldn't be too bad
  9. It isn't. Presuming that I'm successful in my application, it's going to be tough to pay to live in halls and my mortgage. I figure it'll be worth it in the end.
  10. As an RFA cadet you will be on about twice as much as the next best paid cadets, the accommodation in fleetwood is awful and the food is chips and stodge and doesn't include lunch, the facilities at the campus are no fun at all unfortunately. However the first phase is quick, you will have plenty of cash to go to Wetherspoons and the Wyre light and every other cadet will hate you for having loads of money! at the moment only HND engineering go to Warsash everyone else goes to Fleetwood and that's changing very soon.

    As mentioned you cannot commute, I am married with a house and i was required to move 45 minutes down the road and rent there. It is not an option, the college don't appreciate that RFA cadets have already done Dartmouth and many are mature and they think they need to teach you how to be away from home so you can cope with going to sea.

    We don't do a return of service, the minimum three year term of service only kicks in once you have signed permanent contract after obtaining COC and being offered a job. If you don't get offered a job or you turn it down you have no obligation to the RFA.

    It is totally worth it bluebird so good luck.
  11. Thanks Motley, clearly you're older than the average cadet - can I ask how old you are? Feel free to pm me.

    I have an inkling that you are similar to me and would appreciate talking with you.
  12. Just to update anyone who's reading this thread.

    All RFA cadets come to Fleetwood (unless you're doing a fast track engineering course). The accommodation isn't as bad as has been made out, and there are things to do to keep yourself busy. The college runs a fairly comprehensive enrichment programme for free.
  13. Im in the middle of applying as a grad engineering officer has anyone got any dits about it?

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  14. One of the guys in my intake at BRNC was an engineer with a masters and he was on a fast tracked course to get him to OOW standard in a year rather than the three it normally takes. I presume you're applying for the RFA?
  15. Yes but I haven't a masters degree! Ive been waiting for the ILA to come back from the MCA which has taken about 4 months.

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  16. Hopefully you will already have covered a fair chunk of the MCA syllabus and won't have to do the full three year cadetship
  17. Have to say im not sure. But the MCA said I was qualified to do the graduate scheme what ever that means. Will find out more when I can get off this cohrse and ring the right people.

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  18. Sounds promising! Good luck and keep in touch, happy to help with any questions you may have
  19. Thanks mate. I will keep in touch!

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  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    If I were you, I'd apply to the RN to join as a graduate engineer. It won't take you as long to get to Lieutenant / Second Officer and if the very handsome golden hello is still on the table, keeerchinggg! There are graduate engineers in the RFA with many years seniority as 3rd officers still waiting for promotion.

    The MCA reckon up to 12 weeks for a LIA, so perhaps you should be asking for a sitrep.

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