Life Was Heaven on the D97

Best say hello I guess :wink:

Joined in 91 and reached the dizzy heights of AB(EW) took redundancy in 96 under ‘Options for the Deranged’ (no way was I going OM).

HMS Starling Hong Kong 92 (6 month loan)
JARIC RAF Brampton 92 (6 month loan)
Edinburgh 93-94
Cardiff 95-96

Moved back to Stoke-on-Trent bought a house nearly got married, kicked the witch out in 98. Got pissed for a few years then sold my house in 2003 and went to University.

Did my final exam last week and officially graduate with a degree in Software Engineering on July 6th.

Currently sitting around watching daytime TV whilst looking for a job.


War Hero
Greetings & welcome mate.

Good to see you did OK at uni.
Why not have a look at re-joining as a graduate entry Information Technology (W.E.) engineering officer? A relatively new officer trade (Assuming you're eligible)
Thanks all for the welcome

I think 35 is possibly too late to join back up lol. Though I would consider it (maybe ;) )

I’m quite interested/involved at a personal level in Network Enabled Capabilities (see JSP 777) and Network Centric Warfare, from a software engineering point of view.

I’ve been applying to a few graduate schemes that deal with the MOD but to be honest most of them use recruitment companies that really don’t have a clue wtf they are on about.

To be fair these external companies are used to dealing with 22-year-old spotty Herberts straight from Uni via school so I guess it isn’t their fault.

But seriously though I was asked in a telephone interview the other week “So did you manage to find a job between A-levels and Uni?†I left school over 18 years ago you stupid Bint!!!

Although I think one of the best questions I had was “have you ever worked in a team if so can you tell me about it?†ha ha !!!

Oh well, I’m sure I will find something eventually, maybe…. lol


War Hero
The_Crazy_E said:
Thanks all for the welcome

I think 35 is possibly too late to join back up lol. Though I would consider it (maybe ;) )
You can join as a rating up to your 37th birthday. Once in, you could try AIB & if you did not make it you could put 12 months notice to leave.

Not trying to recruit you, just keeping you in the picture. :lol:

Anyway, good luck job hunting. 8)
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