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Hello everyone ! just posting about a minor concern. I'm in the process of applying to join this year. A few days ago one of my friends brought up the point that I might struggle keeping friends/getting girlfriends (or eventually, in 50 years or so, a wife and all of that lark) in the navy with all the time spent away. Also, if you did have one, how are you supposed to see them? I know I'm a bit young for worrying about this kinda thing but if I joined I would be staying in for as long as possible so I feel like I need to ask questions with a bit of foresight. --------------------- Thanks :)


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It's a lifestyle, not just a job Sam. Getting friends/girlfriends is obviously down to you, but I doubt that many on here would disagree that you have the opportunity to make great friends some of whom you will always have a bond! As for marriage and all that - you'll probably be away a lot, so it's up to you to deal with that.

Girlfriends? Even the ugliest matelots get stacks, so don't worry there.

As with everything in life mate, ultimately it's up to you.

Served about 25 years, been out* 5, divorced, and just short of 50. Regrets? Nah!

Not one.

* of the Navy :rofl:


Good answer Guzzler. Yes the Navy isnt great for a marriage, and it takes a special type of woman to take on a sailor and make it work. I divorced a year ago after 13 years of marriage and 4 kids. It can and does work Sam, as Guzzler said its up to you and how you deal with the periods away. The navy is by far the best force to be in (my oppinoin). Never regretted joining up, 17 years served.


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I got wed when I was serving, hiked from quarter to quarter all over UK. Came out in 79, worked in Saudi, all over UK, MoD in London for 14 years before retiring in 2003. Celerated my 43rd anniversary last month. As for mates, I've known Polycell for longer than I've known Herr Indoors and still in touch. Take the big step - you won't regret it.

Lets be honest life in the RN isn't that great for getting or keeping a relationship going, unless you find the right partner. I know guys who've managed to get through 20 odd years service and are married with kids. I know plenty of people who can make it work and I know a few who haven't managed to make it work. You're not committed to staying in the RN for life, so you can always leave and settle for a married life outside the RN.

As for friends, I've been in the RN now for 30 years and still got very good friends from when I was 13 and plenty of friends who I've met during my career within the RN.

Give it a go, you can always leave if it's not for you.



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