Life or death situation

Lisa Reilly or Pat Butcher?

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Your flashed back in time, Back as far as the trenches at the somme, The Great War. Your fighting from a trench position upto your neck in rat infested shit and bullied beef. The Germans have just assaulted your position, and fortunately you have been only wounded in the shoulder and taken prisoner. You and your 2 other oppos have been moved to the rear echelons and locked in a dark and miserable cell, There you are soon approached by a german officer who cackles the infamous cliche '' For you Tommy Ze var is over!'' You are dragged into another cell on your own and after 2 very lumpy birds are brought in you are then told by the Hun that in order to save the lives of your 2 comrades you must do ze business with one of the women. As light from the lantern flickers on their faces the horror dawns on you that the 2 beasts are in fact...

1) Pat Butcher, the wasp munching hag from Enders.

2)Lisa Reilly, the not so barrel of laughs Barrel shaped star of you been framed.

Reasons why please chaps. this is for queen and country and the glory of the Corps!!
My God Luke, I know you said earlier you were cold and bored, but F*** me, you must be bored or suffering with man flu which is affecting your brain.

Before I could answer I would have to ask myself, How much did I like my oppos? Did they ever do me any serious wrongs?

My god I'm feeling sick just thinking about it. I hope for my oppos sake they can put up with the smell of vomit all over my clothing on the way home and they remember what goes on tour stays on tour !!!

Stay safe out there buddy.
Bollix, standard Royal would say "Gis a few wets and I'll do 'em both, oh and wheres your curtains Herman, me knob 'll need wiping after this lot."

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