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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Pym, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Pym



    I am looking at joining the Navy and in particular the submarine service. I have a few question and I have been trawling through the search engine (and enjoyed the stories!)

    1) What duties could I expect to be doing as a TSM? I have read the publications and watched the short video and I know it's along the lines of presenting a tactical picture but how would I actually do that?

    2) How much storage space would I have has a newbie on boats? How much stuff can you take on a deployment with you? Obviously I appreciate that space is limited but I am just curious really!

    3) Would I be streamed onto one class of submarine for my whole career?

    4) What is life at sea like? Is it a myth that you cannot shower very much on boats? I know space is limited but do you have much fitness equipment on board? I watched submarine mission on channel 5 and I think they only had a rowing machine. Is that standard?

    5) How has females coming onto boats affected recruitment? Are they going to start implementing females onto boats with volunteers from the surface fleet first or recruits from HMS Raleigh?

    I KNOW these are probably mega bone questions but I am just asking out of curiosity and don't really want to ask them down the AFCO in case they think I am a joke!

    Thank you.
  2. I'm sorry not to be positive'll get a plethary of answers some good some bad and some down right bloody ridiculous that'll make your head spin.
    My advice for what its worth is if you have a mind to join the RN then join the RN and do a stint on surface ships first like what us 'old' submariners had to do then join boats. That way you will be a little wiser when joining boats and have a feel for what them there skimmers do for a living.
    But hey what do I know as an ex diesel dinosaur!! Bon chance et courage.
  3. Wot he said!

    Nice to see you back Fred - thought you were dead!
  4. Pym


    Thanks for the replies. No worries Polycell, I appreciate they are bone questions!
  5. I'll answer some of them (but Polycell is right, try the surface fleet first)

    1) You'll be taught all that on TSM's course, an open forum is not the place for that information.

    2) You'll need working rig and and maybe 3's if your casing party. Only take what you can fit in a large grip (civvies etc). If you go on bombers forget the civvies as you won't go anywhere.

    3) As a TSM, no. Once your qualified you can go on SSN's or SSBN's. You only do submarine course once. When you've got your dolphins it's up to you to learn all the systems. How boats dive, surface and manoeuvre hasn't changed since 1901, the methods of propulsion, the boats and their equipment have so you have to re-qual everytime you join a boat, you just get less time to do it in than a newbie (or Part 3/SMQ).

    4) There isn't much fitness gear onboard, just weights (maybe) a rowing machine and an exercise bike. Showering evreyday is a no no, it wastes water plus the boat can produce plenty of water but getting rid of the dirty water is a problem as you have to come shallow to pump it out, also the reactor and propulsion systems come first.

    5) No idea, neither has anyone else TBH but drawn from the fleet first I would imagine.

    That's my tuppence worth.
  6. I once got a bollocking from the TAS apes for doing squat thrusts too noisily on 3 deck (S boat) during a 'trail'.
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  7. I was talking about submarines Wits, I wasn't classing bombers in that. I can well believe all that as quite a few ex-bomber rates I served with on S and T boats ad difficulty adapting.

  8. Ginge from Retford got a bollocking for tap dancing on 2deck during acceptance trials, the amount of man hours spent trying to trace this transient rattle ............
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  9. ffs, that's a new one! Good old Fred..........
  10. "D'you hear there - there is BANGING in the boat! All compartments report to the Control Room. The submarine has assumed the Ultra Quiet State". After several journeys through the boat to find out just where the fu**ing racket was coming from that was hacking off the Sound Room, it was finally pinpointed to the Baby Chef, who was battering the living crap out of a load of bread mix in the galley. Makes a shit-load of noise when it's being pummelled to death with a rolling pin on a stainless steel surface at half two in the morning apparently. Oh the fun we used to have.

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