life on a submarine

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SolmaN, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. anyone got any heads up on joining up to be a submarine rating? Time, training, etc

    Life on a submarine...
    Just general stuff on RN subs

    Thanks all...

  2. You go under the water a lot.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ..and smell.
  4. But not as bad as a bootie..................................................

    urm actually yeah fair one Blobbs- Submariners-- yeah they smell xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Right i need to clear this up.

    Why arnt women alowed on subs?
    I always thought that it was because they couldnt have the pyhsical abilty to meet with the demads... because everyone on a sub sone everything. And the whole thing about a female and males in a can... yehh

    But then I got told that it was something to do with like how the sub works and it gives of a ray or something that buggers up womens ovaries but doesnt affect men.

    I need some sort of clarification lol.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think it's got to do with people like me making jokes about women going down.....

    Ok, I'll admit its because of the ray guns they get issued to fight of the mermaids.
  7. a lot of it is do with getting rid of sanitary items - etc etc
  8. I always thought it was because of the pressure differences underwater could affect a womans reproductive system differently than that of a man.
  9. Topaz get a fecking life read the submariners forum It`s all there.
  10. sounds a load of bollocks to me mate.
  11. Jesus no need to bite my head off
  12. Then why do`nt you read the relevant forums? It`s all there, too much trouble to browse?
  13. Just a little side note, never EVER call a submarine a "sub". It is a term which (as far as I've gathered) is seriously disliked in the Submarine Service.

    Try "boats" or "submarines" :thumright:

    To the original poster, no offense but it is NOT hard to read the RN official website, which will tell you all the basics you need to know. It takes about 15 seconds to find the appropriate page, so know...look.
  14. Of course there is nothing official about the word 'boat', it is a long tradition and I have even got the naval stores in guzz to call them boats in there stores sigs. I told them 'no it won't be delivered to the ship', they are known as 'boats' and that's what they now say.

    A point on the 'they smell' comment. The change of air in boats is a lot better and more often than on targets so when someone drops their guts, it don't hang around as long.
  15. Just Google: women submarine FAQ...about the 6th link down gives the answer...
  16. Mmmm, well the yanks say:
    The RN says:
    I would tend to believe the yanks more as the RN site also says:
    The real reason is that No-one wants them
  17. Er, life in the s/m service?? Some words that spring to mind-

    Ground hog day, duties, dull, boring, duties, mong jobs, duties, thinking your the best, overweight, duties, scrubbing 2 deck, using the phrase 'why do i have to do an RNFT', did i mention the amount of duties that you'll do..............

    I had a great time on T boats, honest. Highly recommend it! (however, once your in its nails to get out!)
  18. Yes there are some boring dull sods on boats and airy-fairy is probably the most of them.
  19. The real reason is they will double the testosterone levels on board :strong:
  20. Good england Mongford

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