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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by IconicBuck, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Im think of join as a WS or a dabber as some say, i went on the navy website and tried looking up WS but the links didn't work, so I've come here to ask instead. as much detail as possible please !
  2. Oh dear, try having a look at the Newbies section where there is a wealth of information available. Then if you have any questions that haven't been explained ask Ninja who is an AFCO and will be able to help you.
  3. Chipping and painting, standing with a rifle slung behind your back and hands in pockets, thinking your hilarious (anyone outside the warfare dept will think you have down syndrome), dripping about every branch having better promotion.
  4. Thinking his hilarious what?
  5. More work for the grammar police.
  6. Danny missed out scrubbing out, bad drills.
  7. You missed out having fun bullying the flight and ******* their wives.
  8. Sorry what I meant was a dabbers sense of humour seems to be ask a really obvious question, get the obvious answer. Shout WHEYYYYYY!! and then repeat.
  9. I used to shout "EASY!" as it is way more intelligent and ten times funnier! We should never dissuade people from joining up as WS as they are the true backbone of the Andrew!
  10. What's not funny about that? Laughing at the dullard who provides said answer yet never learns is a source of grand amusement.

    Now go screw the top of the bollards off and fetch me some rags out of them.
  11. "Washing up and scrubbing floors,
    There are so many other chores",

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